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Hello Y’all

Don’t freak out at the subject heading !! I know we just got done with xmas 2011. The reason for the email is to pass an idea across to everyone and get their feedback (you can post feedback on family website or send to me and/or Karen and we will make sure it gets up there – that is a good place for centralizing comments)

For xmas 2012 we thought it would be neat to try and achieve three goals for xmas that will make it nice for everyone and that is:

1.) Remember the reason for the season: Jesus and give to those less fortunate.

2.) Reduce expense and stress by making it fun but easy to buy for

3.) Keep the traditions that make our family special.

Now having said that here is the idea :

1.)    Karen all blessed us with our Christmas jars this year – lets fill our jars throughout the year with our spare change and then we can each give our jars to a charity of our choosing or pair up with each other and do one big charity. I think this is a tradition that would bring great joy and will teach our children the true meaning of Christmas. If we each give to a charity we can share that with Karen and she can post on the website for each family.

2.)    Second idea was inspired by Farley’s xmas book this year. To reduce expenses we think that we should pick names out of a hat and the name you get you have to find a pair of inexpensive but fun, crazy wild slippers! You will have all year to look for them and yes this includes the men !!!! Dad could use a pair of Giants slippers to match his bad call brick! This will make it fun and at the same time keep costs down and you can get it out of the way to reduce Christmas stress.

3.)    Lastly there are several traditions that we each do as a family and if we want to keep those I think we should. I have listed ideas of what each family has done and can keep doing if they want – this can be in addition to your slippers but that should be it – no more buying. I listed ideas that you can keep going but again its only if you want to – you do not have to we have just always looked forward to them and if you like to give them keep it going:

Our family “treasures”

  • Kim & Clark – believe it or not Farley has been consistent and may not know it in getting us some kind of book (this can get costly so you can change if you want or forgo tradition all together)
  • Karen & Linda – since we want to do charity every year I think a new Christmas Jar for each family would be great
  • Kelly & Kate & Nick – Caramel corn (That is our sustenance when we drive back to NC) Now if Kate and Nick want to branch out on their own they can do the pretzel snack and a photo
  • Kenny & Sue – new photo of kids – yours are still growing so we need these every year

  • Kameron – draw us a picture with talent like yours draw us something and we can have postcards made or something
Kelsie – keep making those rocks – I know I can use a prayer rock every year

  • Kristen – Magnets – (not like Erin’s though)
  • Darian – recipes

  • Mattie – ornaments
Kay & Bob – Photos of Delaney – she is still growing so we need those
  • Delaney – new drawings for our fridge magnets
  • Kevin & Kristy – the cheese

  • Erin – Strawberry Jam
  • Beth – the calendar (if you need to save costs provide on cds again)

  • Mom & Dad they get gifts from us (we only have one set of parents!)

I hope I am not offending anyone I just wanted to try a little different spin on Christmas because quite frankly the joy I get from the holidays is giving to those less fortunate and spending quality (not stressed) time with my family.

Let me, Karen or Mom know what you think and we will communicate it to everyone – I do think you will enjoy this as you wont have to worry about what to do for xmas and some of us can plan ahead and avoid shipping expense etc.

Love you all



  1. Mim and Clark said:

    Hmm…. i have been thinking a lot about this. Picking names is a good idea, but it should be fair to all. Some like Beth have the calendar, so i guess she should weigh in on if this is to be continued. She would have to pick a name and do the calendar? This poses a problem to those who have a set annual gift (Karen and Kev too.)I do like the comical approach to the holidays. New ideas are always great. Food gifts are nice, but very hard for those who diet. i have gotten serious about health, diet, and my diabetes so this must be a consideration. I love the cookies , candy corn and jams etc. but i have no will power not to nibble! I will post again when i get some ideas. I do want to encourage a later time frame for Christmas. I love the idea of a later diner and gift exchange.

    Thanks to Kris for the post. I just wanted to make sure i replied.

    January 17, 2012
  2. klds said:

    I love all 3 goals for Christmas 2012!  Let’s do it!  Great idea Kris!


    January 12, 2012

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