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Well I tried to add more pictures to the random script and it QUIT working. Nothing I did worked so I started searching for a new one- hundreds of attempts and many hours later- I found one that worked. There are now 60 different pictures that will rotate everytime you hit “refresh”. I added new people like Kelsie, David, Mark and new pictures of everyone else. Enjoy!


  1. Erin said:

    New pictures look great! Great job La!

    April 19, 2004
  2. La said:

    A big thanks to Erin for teaching me how to prep the pictures in Photoshop Elements (now I don’t have to mail them all to her) and also for teaching me the difference between gif and jpg- this will keep us from running out of space! Erin is doing 26 things and I’ll put her up soon- I’m looking at a jalbum to redo the page- always looking for new and exciting things!

    April 17, 2004

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