Chair-ity, A HUGE Success

Well, Chair-ity was a huge success! Origionally our goal was $6,000, but the event made $17,000! Enough to buy the dental chair and some of the equipment! For those of you who did not check out the website, you should to see my mom and my chairs: My mom and my chairs sold well. My fish chair went for $60; Mother Nature Set: $140; Rooster: $40; Fishing: $80; BeWITCHed: $150; Out of the Woods: $150. Check out the articles below printed after the event, two of the articles have one of our chairs in the picture:

The Citizen – Opinion: October 1, 2003
The Citizen – Local & State: October 3, 2003
The Post-Standard – Cayuga: October 3, 2003
The Post Standard – Cayuga Neighbors: October 9, 2003

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  1. La said:

    Way cool- I liked your fish chair…I like the trio set as well and am so glad the event went well. Being in my field- I bring a dental van into our schools to help kids so I know how important it is and love businesses that work to support social causes- Go Coburn Designs!

    October 9, 2003

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