cell phones, friend or foe?

Hello family, I’m back at RIT now. Thought I’d finally getting around to posting something up here. School is school, but it is good to be back. I’m going to have a busy quarter searching for jobs (let me know if you hear of anything, anywhere in web design)… not looking forward to that, but I’m still settling in. I’m slow to move in (I hate unpacking) mostly because I know I’m moving in three months and will have to pack it all again. Now I have to answer the question… do I need it until then? Not an easy thing to answer…

Anyways, I had an interesting thing to share for the new family debate. Just about every class I’ve had so far (with the exception of one) the lecture was interrupted by at least one cell phone. Now, I have a cell, I love the thing and hate it. But common, there are times when you need to shut it off! I think they are a very good technology and come in handy many times, but people abuse the privilege. I’ve even had a professor (last spring) that had had the phone ring, and they have then excused themselves for 10 min while talking on it in front of the class! Now, do you honestly expect the professor to allow a student to interrupt class and have him pause the lecture for him to finish his conversation… I think not, so why should it be expectable for them! Bo and I this summer were giggling at stories in the paper about people on their phones. I actually got to encounter the “bathroom chat” at a bar here in Rochester. “Hi, I’m peeing, so I’d thought I’d call??” Why would a person want to do that?? Especially in a public restroom. Being the victim of a bathroom call, first you have to wonder, are their two people in that stall? Then you realize that only one person is talking… unbelievable…



  1. susie said:

    beast lady
    a few weeks ago when we were in church- somebody brought their cell phone in. Let me tell ya’ you interrupt God’s word and there’s HELL to pay! How ridiculous is that anyway! I sure a lot of people use it as a "status" thing. It doesn’t do anything for me however I would use one- for emergency purposes only of course.

    September 10, 2002
  2. La said:

    Being a professor…turn the damn thing off, I require my students to put them on vibrate and I don’t take my phone to class with me!
    Yes I love the convience, the savings (free calls home on weekends) but they bug the piss out of me when your quite dinner out is interrupted by the next table talking on the phone and peeing- that’s just plain silly (are we so lonely we have to take it to bed?) Anyway- my two cents.

    September 9, 2002

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