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Mom & Kris at the wedding.





Received a very unexpected gift in the mail today from Erin and Beth- my- what a surprise. Thank you so much (someone knows I love King Arthur and love to cook!). We love it- thank you so much!



Last night some friends threw us a belated party…cake, champagne and a cook out…good times!











Getting close- Mom & Dad & Kris get in tomorrow…

visitRings are here…


Menu Board done…


Cake ordered…cake Flowers ordered…


Food is ordered…


Bears outfit is ordered…

collarJust a few last minute details and we are off to the alter…



Bear has slipped back a bit- bringing him back to the vet’s today to hopefully stay in front of this- prayers please- he is my ring bearer…

Silvie playing in the pool with mom & dad….

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Her smile makes my day!

Met with the minister- working out the ceremony, picked the music (above is song after vows- there will be 3 songs sung and instrumental to walk in), got pedi/mani’s, Linda is tanning, Karen is not!, got new earrings, slimmed down the menu, ordered food, made announcement, so we are almost there…

“Face Of Love”

until tonight 
 my heart was just half full 
 i'd never known the fruit which fed the soul 
 but now i see what may put to rest my longing
 for i have seen, the face of love
 the grace of god, the face of love
 in silence i feared my heart 
 would remain words unheard 
 inside a separateness of skin 
 but now i know that the skin just veils the soul
 for i have seen, the face of love 
 the grace of god, the face of love
 so take my hand and knowing 
 with it i also give my heart 
 wanting never to be separate again 
 let eternity begin
 if you were flame 
 i'd allow myself to be consumed completely 
 were you wind i would wish you pass through me 
 but now i know that the skin just veils the soul
 for i have seen, the face of love 
 the grace of god, the face of love

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Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 11.03.25 PM


Linda ordered flowers today…


Tomorrow we meet with the minister, pick the music and lay things out at the house…count down!


Today we got outfits…


We had friends/neighbors offer to sing live at the wedding…they just got married Aug 13 and are the ones who helped us get a minister


We ordered a cake topper…


We changed the menu and added antipasto…that changes everything!



I thought I would share some of our wedding plans…

We will have the wedding at our friend Barry & Shana’s house by their pool. Linda loves water- they have a salt water pool (best we could do!)

(6209 Heathery Way,Kansas City, MO, United States 64152)

[huge_it_video_player id=”9″]

Here is a picture from the jewelers of the ring

pZALE1-5127945_alternate1_t400 copy

Tomorrow Linda will order the cake– we are thinking something like this (see what they can do)…


Have a photographer so there will be pictures & working on some music.

We will have a casual meal of brisket, ham and sides- I will have a sign something like this that my friend is making…

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 5.41.15 PM copy

Still a work in progress…ideas welcome!



After 26 years plus & the Supreme Courts recent decision on marriage- Linda and I are getting married!

We obtained our marriage license and have 30 days to make it happen. We are trying to finalize plans and will let people know when we know more. Thinking it will happen Aug. 29 (exactly 30 days) but we are trying to secure a minister and rings plus plan a small party plan the happenings after the ceremony. We are both very excited.

Update: The date will be August 29, time is not determined. Our minister is in Ireland and he set the date but not the time- he will be back Aug. 13 and we will meet with him to plan the ceremony. We will have this at out friends home at the National Golf Course (he has a pool). We have a photographer so there will be pictures. We are being fitted for rings tomorrow (Tuesday, Aug 4) and looking for what to wear. We will also look at having some food catered in to eat after the ceremony. I know many family can not make this because of prior commitments, trips and short notice- but we know you are their with us in spirit.

Sue has asked for Skype- we will try to make that happen, our neighbors want a cake- this is getting complicated!!! Linda & I are getting excited.

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