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There are some new features on our blog.

  • Slider- changes pictures (See Answer for the Heat…Poppy’s Pool)
  • Recipes- print button to print just that recipe (See Yum…Kelly’s pasta salad)
  • Audio- listen to a song and download it (See Ocean is my Potion)Hit grey arrow and it downloads
  • Tags- hit and pictures of that person come up (still a work in progress- See sidebar TAGS)

Now we just need you…

Site Questions & Admin

Server had a problem- they fixed it. My theme had an update- I updated and every thing went to hell in a hand basket. Had to find a Mac FTP program and delete theme, find a new theme I could work with and one that does what I want (in other words dumbed down for someone not tech savy). Not fancy, but it works.

Site Questions & Admin

I just wanted to let everyone know that there is a new little site feature. From now on if you link to an image page of Flickr, when you put your mouse on that link it will show a little popup window so that you don’t have to click on the link if you don’t want to. To show you what I mean, put your mouse over this link: PUT MOUSE HERE.

I’m not sure if this will work in outdated browsers, but if should work on most people’s (I hope). You can also scroll down to Beth’s post about her veggies a few days ago and this feature works because she linked to her FlickR. I think it’s neat!

Site Questions & Admin


Well the new program is up. All archives, even from the beginning in 2002, are up. Hook up to Flickr is up. All authors are in so your passwords should still work (let me know if they don’t) and it’s all because of the genius of Erin. Folks, this girl knows her stuff and saved Lala from tons of frustration (she doesn’t need anymore lately) so thank her when you talk to her or see her because she has done good.

Site Questions & Admin