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The neighbors down the street put up a fence on their side yard and got a horse. The neighbors behind them have camels- they like each other, follow each other around and hang out together. Flat Stanley thought it was cute (it really is!)

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Delaney loves to help and Bob is so patient to teach her…here she is sanding and painting along side her daddy.


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“Don’t let the clocks dictate your time, leave it to your soul and spirit.”

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“The long and winding road, that leads to your door
Will never disappear, I’ve seen that road before…
It always leads me here, leads me to your door.”

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“A family is a unit composed not only of children but of men, women,
an occasional animal, and the common cold.”

Well I just loved my picture and the photographer did a great job- we could not ask for more! Thank you Carroll’s!

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So our trip was pretty amazing! We had some ups and downs (including a lost camera that later got found, a broken camera, too much $$ spent, problems at the airport, and coming home to 2 sick kitties that had to be put down this morning), but otherwise it was a great trip. For now we are mourning the loss of our two family members, Cali and Bailey (often referred to as Boulie). I will tell more on them later. For now, the trip…

Our first full day in Phoenix consisted of a group trip to the Desert Botanical Gardens and then a trip into the Superstition Mountains to visit Tortilla Flat for hamburgs and beers. Both were awesome!

My dad had to go to his conference, so day two was mom, Beth and I taking a trip to Taliesin West for my mother because she has been studying architecture in school and wanted to see this house. Not really mine and Beth’s bag, but we went with her to make her happy. It was pretty interesting to learn about Frank Lloyd Wright, however, especially since I knew little about him. Then we drove into the mountains to see the Sears-Kay Ruins, which gave Beth and I an opportunity to take a small hike which we enjoyed.

Day three was wasted trying to go to a Swap Mart that was crappy, although I got two really cute hippy skirts out of it. We drove to my Godfather’s house after and stayed the night. Day four was to the really good swapp Mart in Glendale where we spent tons of money on all kinds of stuff, including baskets, salsa, jewelry (tons of turquise), hippy skirts, fossils, and tons of fun.

Day five was a trip to Sedona to see the red rocks and the Chapel of the Holy Cross. We also ate and did some shopping in town. We stayed to get some amazing sunset pictures of the rocks. It is a pretty amazing place to see! We drove to Flagstaff to stay the night.

Day six was our grand adventure to the Grand Canyon. We drove to Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument and through the painted dessert to get there. We stopped and saw the Wapatki Ruins. SO AMAZING! And then we drove to the “Big Ditch.” The funny part is that is was FREEZING–20 degrees or something. It was colder here than it was in Alaska! It was truly remarkable! For a big ditch, it takes your breathe away! We took so many pictures and could not believe how massive it is! I loved it and cannot wait to take David!

More to come later…

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While we were in the Dominican Republic, we had many of these little treats called Dulces de Coco and Mani Molado. Street vendors walk around everywhere selling them. This one, in particular, was near David’s dad’s house and carried the bowl on his head {{popup street-vendor-2.jpg street-vendor-2 499×350}}street-vendor-2. I had not even tried these treats until this precise moment. After I did, I told David we should have bought the whole bowl! They were delicious!

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David’s favorite are the Dulces de Coco, which are little coconut bars. I liked the Mani Molado, which are little ground peanut bars. They are both delicious and I searched for their recipes online. These were the best I could find… DULCES DE COCO and TURRON DE MANI (I think this is the same thing – it is pretty close).

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4 a.m. – that’s what time we actually got home this morning. You see, we flew out of NYC and then had to drive, so we went from the Dominican Republic, to Fort Lauderdale, FL, and then to NYC, only to jump in the car and drive back to Virginia. Yes, we traveled across many countries and states just to get home to a comfy bed. Our trip was great and we have so much to share (good and bad), but we have to unbury the house first so it may wait a little while. For now, we are happy to be home. For those who have never seen some of these types of countries (and I’m not talking about the resort areas), there is a lot to be learned:

1. A toilet seat is a wonderful luxury and I still don’t know how they balance.
2. Hot water is non-existant for showering. And that water is COLD!
3. The electricity goes out at least twice a day.
4. It’s hotter than shit there.
5. Bugs are just a part of it (I’ll tell about the 1.5″ cockroach that ran down my leg later).
6. AC… what’s that?
7. Moli Molado (Ground Peanut Candy Sweets) and Dulce de Coco (Coconut Candy Sweets) are amazing little treats.
8. Family is the most important thing.
9. Clubs in caves are so cool – pictures to come!!!
10. Don’t drive there… EVER! Very scary. As David put it… you get to drive the way you always wanted to (i.e. no laws on the road what-so-ever – worse than Puerto Rico).

These are just our top ten and we’ll have to elaborate on later. You need to learn to appreciate what you do have because many people in the world are not so lucky. These few things were ideas that I never even questioned or even thought of as luxeries before, and now my eyes are wide open. We all need to remember this the next time we are upset that we do not have the money for something. We all have a lot more than you even realize. Please appreciate it. I saw first-hand and the culture shock put me into a tail-spin. But regardless, it is a beautiful place and we can’t wait to go back.

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