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I made the boys summer bucket list…makes me smile!

Kid sayings



Kid sayings

Kid sayings

Kid sayings

I wanted my mom to post this a while back and she forgot, but I wanted to make sure it made it onto the blog so that we would remember it. I may get the details wrong, so correct me if you can. This was a few weeks back now.

Kelsie was wearing a dress and told Nana it was her “Mary dress.”
Nana didn’t know what a Mary dress was so she asked her.
Kelsie said, “Ya know, the kind of dress you get MARRIED in.”

She is such a silly little squirt.

The picture is from 2007 and I uploaded them from my mom… they are in Flickr for downloading.

Kid sayings

okgirls (70k image)

A week or so ago there was a slight flood at the restaurant. A pipe under the sink pulled apart and was flooding the kitchen floor- mom & Sue caught it and started to clean it up. Nana threw Kelsie a towel to help- she fell down on her knees and shouts, “Come on girls, Let’s get this done!”

mctopia (138k image)

On her recent trip to Florida, Delaney went to the world’s largest McDonalds. When they left she told her parents, “This is Mctopia!” Her father asked her if she knew what utopia was- she replied, “No, but it has to be great!” Not a bad use of words!

Kid sayings

I think I posted this a while back (a few years maybe), but I know a lot has changed and I am trying to make a list of all the things the kids have said over the years that are funny or memorable. I want to put something together with them. I went through the archives and found the orginal post:

I figured we could add to it and I thought maybe everyone could pitch in and help me out, especially since I still don’t have any for Kate and Sarah. I also would like approximate ages for when they were said.

Recent additions are obviously:
– Kels and her 3 Junks and “Suck it Up Cupcake”

Ones from before:
– Delaney: her widgies, “Amerham Lincoln”, “Cousin in the Yellow shirt”, and running errands with her mom and thinking it meant she was going to see me and said “But where’s Erin?”
– Kels: “I not evil, I a princess” and what kind of toys for Chirstmas… “Lello”, “I like junk”
– Kam: wanting to go to his “own grass”, “Boy this is a swell mess” (refere4nces Aunt Mim’s house), “No hitin, no kicken and no spitten”.
– Darian: “Quit your bitchin’ Barbie” and the Holly Bibble (Holy Bible)
– Matty: “Sometimes I get into trouble without even trying”, “You are driving me outsane”.
– Nick: “Who Rang My Bell”, the Katie Stick story, “I knew we should have a man with us.”
– Beth: “I love you 2 Lots” and “Dot-Goes” (hotdogs), and the “plumby” fingers from doing dishes
– Erin: suzettes (Black-eyed Susans), beauty rocks, telling my dad to put his mustache back, and telling my parents not to stack the dishes b/c then I’d have to wash both sides, wanting to be a “leaf doctor”

Kid sayings

In the heart of scrapbooking, I am looking for all the funny things that the two little girls have said since they were born… I figured their mommies would be good sources for this info. I am looking for the quote and possible date (or at least age), circumstances around the quotes, and of course pictures that go with the (if there are any). I few I can think of:

“I not evil! I a fairy princess!” – Kelsie (age 2)

Mom says, “Delaney, let’s go run some errands.” As they are out, Delaney says, “Mom, where’s Erin?” – Delaney (age 3)

Kelsie, what do you want for Christmas? “Toys” What kind of toys? “Lellow” Kelsie (age 2)

I am also looking for the Delaney stories from Myrtle Beach – the “widgie” story and the “smack my bootie” story, along with pictures.

Please post or e-mail me with as many as you can remember. I would like to document these.

Or maybe we should do them for all the kids… I think everyone’s favorite is:
“Quit your bitchin’ Barbie!” – and we all know who said this one, Little Miss Dee-bird! (age ?)
Or how about: “Who Rang My Bell!” Nicholas quoting the Wiz of Oz. He used to say that one a lot!
Then there was always Beth’s “dot-gos” (hotdogs) and her “I love you 2 lots.”

Anyway, let’s remember these! Send ’em my way if you can think of some.

Kid sayings