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Well- we do not like our old couch because it is not comfortable- we found a new one. The decorator will come to our house on Thursday to measure and make sure it fits. We will have to make some furniture arraignments (armoire has to leave) but- I think we will like this one-very comfortable to lie down on- wide enough to sleep on!



School is quickly approaching (Aug. 6) so I am trying to finish some projects.

We replaced the plastic trim inside all the doors, painted all the trim outside, painted the front door (Thanks Farley for the color) and got the new screen door on today.


We would like to replace our furniture (great to recline not lie down and we like to lie down). Here is what we would like to get… it is extra deep so it really was comfortable. It is a linen and would go well in the house. Have to sell old first.




Kay and Bob redid Delaney’s bathroom…cute redo!


breakdownOn July 20, 2014- we had new carpet and baseboards put in the house. The week prior we took out EVERY piece of furniture, ripped out the carpet, pad and baseboards,

carpetHere is the new carpet going in.

colordoorsWhile the carpet was out- I changed the bedroom color from green to blue. We moved the stereo equipment to the closet so we needed slat doors for air- we moved the other doors to the bedroom. They had to be restripped but they both look nice and beat those hollow doors.

tvOnce the equipment was in the closet (less clutter) we had the TV’s hung on the wall (got rid of the big wall unit). We also got new furniture and rearranged furniture.

doneThe garage is clean, upstairs is now an exercise room, the fireplace metal bar is covered and the trim around the fireplace removed (stove sits flat on the ground). There is way less clutter- family pictures will be going on my bedroom wall (9 11×14 frames). Finished- October 5, 2014. Till next years project…



I am tired!

Still moving furniture, cleaning everything as it comes back in…you would guess from this I am not clean! (cleaning the backs and underbelly which collects a lot of dust and dirt- 14 years worth-YUCK!)


TV’s being hung Thursday, Tree being cut sometime this week (Wednesday at 12:00- the tree gets trimmed)– cleaning the room above garage- turning it into an exercise room (man we have a lot of pillows and framed pictures up here),  redoing closet doors in bedroom…running out of time- go back to school Aug.7 (not ready). Wednesday- taking car in for oil change.

At least I have my bed back- this is how we slept in the garage last week.




Been a busy week- stripped house of furniture, ripping up carpet, pads and baseboards.


New carpet Monday, Tuesday new baseboards. Also decided to change room color- also changing house layout…more to follow. Actually- baseboards have to go down first- then the carpet! First day- not so much done (30 ft of baseboard and chiseled up so concrete to lay tile under pellet stove) today is looking good- baseboard down in living rooms and dining room, going down the hall- pads being put down and they called in a 3rd man to help- should have the house back tomorrow. Then I need to touch up paint some walls, clean everything and then move back all the furniture- I am getting too old for this!


This week our John Deere decided it was going to blow an engine (I need Rob) $1200-1400 to fix and won’t take trade in in current condition. Gave it to Lloyd and bought a new one- this one is all metal, American made for 100 years by Simplicity- boy did my grass look good after I cut it (wider cut, quieter machine and more comfortable to ride). New couch will have to wait till I can save some more money- unexpected.

Also realized today, while we were gone, a large piece of our tree broke off (looks like it was hit by lighting) and is hanging on branches of the Ash tree which appears to be dying (it has Ash disease) – just what I need- have to hire a tree service (I need Nick) another unexpected.


This is turing out to be a rather expensive summer.



We are putting in new carpet- we hate the look of the brick ledge so, Linda is knocking it out. We think we will build a bookcase up the back brick wall and will box in the fire place so it is not open (that black pole will be covered up). All baseboards are being replaced as well.


Took the mantle off as well…


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P1000842 copy003

Well, the cupboards are stripped, cleaned, new hinges and handles (36 handles) – we are cleaning and reorganizing all cabinets now. One a night!


The new cupboard is beautiful- we are moving heavy appliances (Kitchen aid, coffee pot) into it so we can keep the counters clear and pans. The soffit is painted, he put in a new cam light- ready to put stuff in.

P1000839 copy001

And last- the window boards are stained and in. We just have to putty around the edge, touch up paint and it will be done. We love it opened up!


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The new pantry/cabinet was put in today- nice job! Also a picture of wall without the glass blocks.