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I cannot tell you how busy I


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1:Our new rain barrel, if you have lots of plants- might as well conserve water and let Mother Nature help! Water off the roof, fills barrel and you have it to water with. Has screen to keep out mosquitoes.
2:We built 2 raised beds- see how they work (if we like them will probably do all raised beds in the garden). Bed 1 has 5 Italian lettuces and 2 spinach’s. The second bed has peppers- 3 types of Italian (9 plants), 1 jalapeno and 1 ancho.
3:We use to have asparagus here- it didn’t grow so this year I have beans in the back and golden beets from Italy. If you look toward the back you will see 2 black bins- these are our potatoes.
4: This garden has 3 zucchini plants (yes, from Italy) and 1 pan pan squash (not from Italy), broccoli, onions and 4 types of Italian tomatoes.
5: This is Father Ed’s land- he lets us plant it. I was afraid my seeds from Italy might not do well (just in case I do not want a summer without tomatoes!) so we planted 1 set of Italian cherry tomatoes and 16 different American tomatoes plus one eggplant.
6: Linda’s sister left a wagon here so we transformed it- took off the seats, stained, added art and planted basil, parsley, rosemary, wheat grass, cilantro, chives, stevia, and oregano- they are all doing well.
With luck- tomorrow I will be putting in a compost bin- this is after I see the movie, “Angels & Demons”.