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Kim has been under the weather for some time. First she developed pain in her side that they still do not know what it is and then they found carpal tunnel in her hands and a pinched nerve in her left elbow. Last week she had surgery on her left arm and is still in a bit of pain- give her a call or send a card to cheer her up!

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Well I have been rather busy the last few 3 weekends racing Sprint Stock Hurricanes with Rob.  My first race was in Caledonia and three at Starlite Speedway in Trumansburg.  This past weekend I won the Saturday night race and even got to ride around for a Victory Lap with the checkered flag as everyone stood and cheered!  And yes I beat “Ricky Bobby: Rob even!  Too cool and fun.  Life in Ithaca has been one of the best things in a long long time for me.

Kate had her Senior portrait done last week and hopefully at some point this week you should be able to view them on line at then click on View Albums.  The site is under construction but you can still access albums.  She doesn’t have a password so that is would make it easier for people in the family to view.  She goes to Albany next Tuesday to check out the Pharmacy School there and then still 2 schools to go look at in Pennsylvania.  She just finish Drivers Ed as that has been her summer.

Nick has a new girlfriend Devon from Geneseo that I hear is really nice.  (Yes Nana got to meet her before me!)  And Sarah is finishing up working all summer at a Camp in Watkins Glen and then is off to her second year of College at St. John Fishers as she has transferred from Keuka.  So as you can see we all have been busy busy busy.  That’s about it from this DiSanto/Bailey world hope all is well with everyone.   Thanks and love you all!

Kelly, Kate, Nick and Sarah

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While cleaning out the barn I came across my old swim cap- ready to throw it away, Linda thought Delaney might get a hoot out of it. We mailed it off and when she got it- she threw it on and told her mom she was going to swim laps like an Olympic swimmer! You go girl- one day you just might be.

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“The hardest part of raising a child is teaching them to ride bicycles.
A shaky child on a bicycle for the first time needs both support and freedom.
The realization that this is what the child will always need can hit hard.”

This summer Delaney learned to ride her bike without training wheels and all by herself! Look at her go…

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Kameron’s nose is healing well, playing ball and working with Nana at the restaurant.

Kelsie is taking swimming, soccer and most recently- she got her ears pierced and didn’t even scream or cry!

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kamnose (101k image)

Kam went for a pop fly ball and the other kids head hit his nose and…you guessed it- broken nose. Nana told me he will have surgery Monday- send him a card and keep him in your prayers.

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This weekend {{popup kkdinner.gif kkdinner 500×443}}Kevin was home and Kristie and her family came down for golf and dinner. It went very well. Everyone had a good time. WE liked her family a lot! I think her mom and I could be good friends. But I wanted to say “THANK YOU” to my family for all the help at the dinner. Everyone of them came out and asked “what can I do?” I could not have done this without your help. You helped set up the tables, put out the horsdouvres, poured drinks and saw that people were watered down, help serve the food, and most of all, helped clean up. A special thanks to Nick, he was such a help in the kitchen. If we ever do something like this again I’m calling you. It was fun. I love all of you and thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am a lucky woman to call you my family.

A side note–{{popup F&R.gif F&R 500×443}}Farah had her baby on Tuesday. A little girl named “Lily Grace” 5 lbs 14 oz. Everyone is fine and Grandma and Grandpa are just glad shes here and doing good. This was a hard pregnancy.

Love, Mom

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IMG_9721 (64k image)

That’s right… she’s dancing for joy because she had her graduation this morning at 10 a.m. My mom tried to take pictures, but something happened to her camera and the card didn’t record them. They all went out to lunch today to celebrate! Congrats little one! This is one big step that you should be proud of!

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katefriends (159k image)

Wednesday night Kate had an end of the year Award Ceremony at school and she was awarded the Geneva High School Chemistry Award for Top 10% in the Regents Chemistry for Geneva High. Couldn’t be more proud of her to get this as a Junior. This will be great on her resume for Colleges for Pharmacy. Hard to believe that in a few short weeks she will be a Senior and her last year in High School. Where did the time go…….at any rate wanted to share as she works hard and again beyond proud of her!

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crap (137k image)

We are experiencing problems- bear with us!

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I got offered both jobs in Virginia. I think the job I�m going to take is the management group job. They offer slightly higher pay, more creative work and I get the week between Christmas and New Years off paid vacation time! Yea! So now, the apartment search and big move is underway! I have less than a month to figure everything out and get my butt to Virginia!

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krishere (134k image)

* Kris made it safe and sound to Kansas City
* Kris got here new job promotion, nice raise- Congratulations!
* Kelly started her second job this week- sounds like she enjoys it
* I plan to have a fantastic weekend with Kris!

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hoodies (146k image)
�Family is God’s way of taking care of us�

Delaney chillin’ with Ali, showing off their hoodies.
* This weekend- Bob painted, Kay cleaned, Delaney relaxed (she’s the sweetheart)
* Family is back from Myrtle Beach- safe and tired!
* Karen & Linda got up the new gazebo, weeded, cleaned hot tub of winter dirt (it was 67 today) and got all the outdoor furniture out. This week will be 70 + all week- we are going to enjoy it.
* Karen is ready to send back Flat Stanley back to Devin’s class. View it here: Stanley
* It has been very quiet around here- Baileys, Scutellas, Culvers- What’s happening?

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stanley (170k image)

* Here is Flat Stanley as he participates in one of my 2nd grade groups. He goes home April 20.
* Mom, Dad, Kenny, Sue & kids return home today- they had fun!
* Beth is in Virginia on a job interview and visit with her sister
* Kris is coming to Kansas City April 20th
* Linda’s test showed “nothing” so now she is going to see a GI specialist to see if a colonoscopy or scope is next.
* Linda’s sister had a Cat scan and they think she has cancer- not this road again.
* Kelly is still having numbness in her hands and legs- keep her in your prayers and give her a cheer up call
* It is suppose to snow 1-3″ tonight in Kansas City- my poor plants!
* Monday is income tax deadline…do you have your taxes done?

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byehair (125k image)
Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your long hair…I said let it down not cut it off!

Kelsie cut a “huge” chunk out of the right side of her hair yesterday…that’s our girl!
Oh, she was watching Rapunzel on the TV at the time of the crime.

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