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-Friday night we went bowling- I haven’t done this in 30 years- my body noticed- today I can’t sit- but it was fun.
-We tried a new restaurant- “Mamas” it was so-so- hear they have great breakfast- we’ll try that sometime.
-Saturday we went to the Mexican restaurant and had strawberry daiquiris– we don’t usually drink- they were yummy- trying to kill the pain in my body!
-We soaked in the hot tub many times- Linda 5- Karen 4.
-Talked to Delaney- what can I say- just too cute and she loves the phone.
-We watched “Anger Management” & “The Core”
-Sunday we had eggs benedict with grilled asparagus and fresh tomatoes- again- Yum
-Tonight I am making a “Tex Mex” dinner (made by the Barefoot Contessa)
-Now- I must prepare my lesson for this week- I am teaching childhood diagnosis- not thinking Yum! If you would like to see what I teach in my class here is my web page.

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Would someone post something good? This is my favorite break from this $#%&*$ job, and no one has posted anything for me to interact with. Karen I sure you have probably painted the entire house over the past two days and Erin you have probably cooked 3 new recipes, but I’m bored and I wish someone would entertain me. I have terrible allergies and feel awful, but I have a call into the Lactation Consultant to see if I can take anything. Bob is wrapping up his statistics course and will be happy to have that over. Buffy has allergies too and she is scratching all the time, poor thing. Delaney, well she is the bright spot in all our lives. She is just as cute as a button and can’t wait to see all of you “Out of Towners” soon. She will be 6 months this Saturday, boy how time flies. She can sit up good now- still tips over but she is getting pretty good. Loves these new toes she has found. Has started cereal, veggies and fruit and so far has found anything she doesn’t eat (takes after Erin!!) Loves to sing and get attention. And had her first carousal ride this week. I told her she won the Belmont, but she didn’t seem to care. She went to the mall with us for 3 hours and was in her glory. Everyone was paying attention to her and she just grinned the whole time. Breaking her in early so that we can make this a regular cadence!! She also went swimming and was kicking her feet, this pool was much warmer than the one that she takes lessons in, so she didn’t turn blue after 20 minutes.
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Here is a place to share ideas, thoughts and daily happening or bitch about the things that have gone wrong or piss us off or show us photos or quotes or ideas or recipes or just what ever. There is no theme yet and this site is not totally set up. Please remember that I am ignorant on html/blogging/FTP stuff and am in the process of trying to learn. Thank God I have help from my niece and goddaughter Erin (who is also limited on time) to try and help and teach me. Be patient- we will get there. For now enjoy while I pull my hair out!

With 4 places to log in- two different scripts I had no idea what was what and who was where- Erin to the rescue….now I get it and where I should be. Now I just have to learn the code but I get the FTP, the GreyMatter program and the jist behind the code so I think we can move forward. If I did what I think I did (I know what I mean) I should be able to start putting peoples names in to be able to post and turn this in to a family affair. I will e-mail people for username and password after I talk with Erin tonight. Soon…is the anticipation killing you?

Family News Misc.