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Delaney being inducted in to the Junior National Honor Society. There were 117 students (40%) of her class!

Mattie got accepted into the Masters Teaching program!

Congratulations girls, you make us proud!

Family News

Family News

From left, Alexandra Hess, J.B. Fantigrossi, Katie McCombs, Declan Carey, Delaney Carroll, Charlie Bohrer and McKenna Light star in Footloose, the Musical, being presented by A Magical Journey Through Stages from Friday, Jan. 27, through Sunday, Feb. 5, at the Auditorium Center. (Photo: Daniel Olean)

A Magical Journey Thru Stages presents Footloose, the Musical — based on the immensely popular 1984 movie about a small town where rock and roll and dancing are forbidden — from Friday, Jan. 27, through Sunday, Feb. 5, at the STAGES Theater, on the third floor of the Auditorium Center, 875 E. Main St. Tickets are $13 ($10 in advance). Go to or call (585) 935-7173.

This is going to be GOOD! Get your tickets now!!!


January 27 at 7:30PM
January 28 at 7:30PM
January 29 at 2:00PM
February 3 at 7:30PM
February 4 at 7:30PM
February 5 at 2:00PM

Family News

Family News

Kevin and Kristie bought a new truck!

The Carroll’s threw Delaney a surprise Birthday party! (Cake made by Staci & Oliver).

Silvie’s 23 month pictures!

Kelly’s Tree!

Kelsie has started a Holiday Sharing Project and baked Chocolate Chip cookies to bring to school!

Family News


Ashley and Jimmy Bass are moving into their new home- congratulations!

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Mom & Dad left yesterday for North Carolina to beat this…good call!

First snow day of the season…and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet!

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They take home the win…


Family News


Kris and Nana both said Delaney was FANTASTIC!

Check it out…

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Family News


MeKenna, Kelsie, Sig & Burp- BFF’s!

Family News


Delaney is in a new play- she is going to be great (and quite funny). Love the part “Performed by some of the brightest young talent in the Rochester area”- you betcha!

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Mom’s best friend/sister…Nana J just found out she has lung cancer. They are looking at surgery. Please send lots of prayers, healing energy and cards to:

Helen Jelemono

105 William Street

Lyons, NY   14489-1553

Keep Nana/Sylvia in your prayers too- this is mom’s dearest friend/sister and she is right by Helen’s side (which is a hard place to be) so she needs some prayers and cards as well.

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Family News


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