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Family News


  • Silvie had a busy day of school serenading everyone with her ABC Song.
  • Kelsie is now a 7th grader!
  • Harley starts school Thursday with his meet and greet tomorrow.
  • Miss Nina is so close to walking!

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A flash flood emergency was issued Friday night for downtown Kansas City after wave after wave of storms pounded the metro with heavy rain. Wee got hit with lots of hard rain- no flooding on Shelter Road (did keep us home from camping) but we are safe and dry!

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Cinda Heald with the crew at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. My how the kids have grown. Same with Mary and Brandy’s kids!


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Paula Hickey fell and broke her hip. She has had surgery but will have to be moved to a rehab center. She has been struggling and lots of prayers are needed.

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Harley graduated from the Toddler Room at Happiness House today and will be going to the Preschool classes there in September!

He also is potty training and did so good last night and this morning with it!!

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DiSanto’s are visiting North Carolina and Myrtle Beach for vacation- lots of fun!

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Delaney was “Flotsam” (Ursula’s eel) in the Encore production of “The Little Mermaid”.

Nana said it was fantastic and Laney was awesome (as always)!



Kelsie had a great time as well- Nana said Delaney had to swim around like an eel and she doesn’t know how she made her body move like that but it was realistic and amazing! Congratulations Delaney on knocking another play out of the park!

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Linda & I went camping for a few days- she needs foot surgery (plate put in left foot) and I had a colonoscopy- we decided to go chill. Very relaxing- some fireworks and her brother won a YETI cooler which he gave Linda for her birthday! I read 2 books in 3 days- in the past 3 weeks I have read 5 books! We are home now catching up on house chores- still very hot here.


I read the first book awhile back- it is a series with the same main characters- I enjoyed them if anyone is looking for books to read.


Silvie is growing and learning- learned to shake hands and loves her Story time!


Silvia’s new obsession-BOWS!


Kelly got 1st place Mid-Season Championship for Saturday night Mod Lite Hurricanes!


Nina won another beauty pageant- beautiful little girl! (Though we don’t need a pageant to tell us that).


Looks like Nina is getting lots of loving this weekend- Sarah is home!!!

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Linda’s brother is sick- running test- might be cancer.

Linda had an MRI (pain in foot since March) found out it is broke- will find out today  Tuesday (cancelled)what the plan is (possible surgery-off foot 20 weeks) and why her knee is still swelling.

They could use some praying!

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Someone had a great year!


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Guess who won her first beauty contest….my sweet Nina. 9 babies and she took it all including personality!!! Gma is so proud love you Nina

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