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Family News

I fell off the jungle gym and bumped my head…ouch…then a few days later- couldn’t even tell!

Family News

Kelsie- 8th grade!

Family News

Solar Eclipse… we had a lot of cloud cover during totality- we did get a glimpse

Right after the eclipse- it started to pour rain – small flood!

Steps Lloyd built to make it easier for Linda to climb the steps.

She goes in tomorrow to the neurologist- hopefully they will look at her legs and try to figure out why all the pain

and also she will be scheduled for surgery on her carotid artery.  Prayers… please & thank you!

Family News

Family News

Family News

Water heater went out this past weekend-UGH!

Replaced with bigger tank, expansion tank and new piping.

Garden is finally producing- turned a bag full of San Marzano’s into dinner-Yum!

New zucchini this year- round.  Neighbors love us!

Family News

Well, she has just about finished middle school and is on to High school.   Holy shit!!  They had their award ceremony last night and Delaney received 3 of the 5 awards.

She received the NYS Attorney General Triple “C” Award (given to a student who has shown a commitment to learning, to their community, and to their fellow classmates while demonstrating courage in the face of academic or person difficulties.  Nominations were sent to the NYS Attorney General’s office and the winner is selected by that office).  

She also received a Teacher’s Choice Award (Teachers are given the opportunity to select a student to receive this award.  These students have shown a keen interest in a subject, have special motivation, and may have done an outstanding project or who have shown tremendous amounts of growth.  Teachers write a personal letter honoring this student).  Mr. French, her math teacher selected her for this award.   She has also received this award 2 other times in Middle School.

The last award is the President’s Award for Educational Excellence (This award is for eighth graders who had an average of 89.5% or above for the four terms in grade seven and the first 3 terms of grade 8).   There were 103 students in her class that received this award (1/3 of her class).  That is really terrific!   Almost all the girls on her soccer team also received this award!!

We also found out last week that she was the 8th grade student of the month for June!   What a way to end your 4 years in middle school.  We couldn’t be prouder!   Love this kid!

Family News

Stripping wall paper, covering mold, spackling, priming and painting!

New corner moldings and cleaning up!

Recaulked bar area, kitchen and kitchen bar area.

Finished job!

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Family News

Last day gifts…what a ride this has been! Hard to say goodbye to my best buddy “Maddie” the reading dog!

Family News

A parent gave me 2 dozen roses, 2 teachers got me this incredible plant, my counselors and team at English Landing got me a blanket with Bear on it, the RV sign, Wild Turkey, and a gift card to Cascone’s and Spin Pizza and my counselor and Team from Renner got the key change with 22 years and thanks for helping kids. My principal got me a photo display. Both teams bought me lunch! Oh- Tommy and Maddox came to have lunch too! Tomorrow night Linda, Ed & Jan are going to dinner at Cascone’s to celebrate the official start of retirement!

Family News

Out of the entire school- Ms. Delaney made student of the month- what an honor!

Family News

Last day of school is May 25…

School social workers gave me flowers, cake and a wall plaque…

Renner gave me flowers and a gift card (Outback)…

English Landing did a cake, gift card (Target), front sign and kids hide in my room and surprised me (80 kindergarteners!) plus home made cards from all the kids!

The big Hersey kiss was to “Kiss this job goodbye”!

Park Hill through a dinner and acknowledged you with a plaque.

This was a fun ride!

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