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Kim had her surgery Thursday and was home Friday. She is resting and sleeping due to pain meds. She can’t eat meat or hard food for 5 weeks as she can not swallow well due to swelling in the throat. Please take a few minutes to send her a get well card as talking is difficult.

Kim Culver

18 Orchard Street

Clyde, New York 14433

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Darian passed her Clinical Licensure test (it is a bugger)- great job!

Family News

Matthew taking after Nick…so cute!

Family News

Erin has put in several new beds and decorated her garden area…

New beds with the brick’s we all fell in love with-made the job so much easier.

While the family was visiting Beth- they built beds there too- these girl’s take after their dad and love to garden!

Family News Garden

Linda and I have been busy putting in new beds and planting/replanting old beds.

New bed in back (covered) and 2 beds inside the fence for herbs and cherry tomatoes. They are huge now.

Still have to put down border (white rocks on first picture). Already put down a border and rock between planeter beds.

This was the area dug up to fix sewer.

The main garden out back- raised bed plus ground for tomatoes, cucumbers and beans. Side beds are metal beds we put in last year and the year before.

These two beds have eggplant, broccoli, 5 types of peppers.

Two beds are for plants that come back-asparagus and strawberries…

We worked on replacing areas with new grass… all up now!

Had 5 cubic yards of dirt delivered. Filled yard and beds one wheel barrel at a time-FUN!

We added/moved flowers in the decorative beds…

All the hostas in the 2nd picture where moved to beds on hillside (not shown) and more flowering plants were added.

Added lights last year and grasses to the area where we had the concrete put down…

Put a planeter where we use to have a bakers rack…

We are now power washing the concrete floor under gazebo and deck so we can recolor concrete(peeling) and restain deck. Our temps are now 94 and higher so it is slow going- one day at a time. Hillside gardens are still a work in progress and we plan to add one more 12 foot bed on top of side hill for flowers. We have the back garden for Matthew (Peace pole has Irish and Italian on it), a side garden full of daisies for Lu and two pots full of coleus for Mama (she taught me how to pinch off the tops when I was young and visited).

Family News Garden

Well this is a good time to buy a new vehicle…

Kameron got himself a “man-truck”

His parents bought a new Ford Edge (same as Nana’s car- different color).

Kris got a new car too- (same as Nana’s car-different color).

Hope everyone enjoys their new rides…congratulations!

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Welcome Bammer (Bam Bam to the Carroll Family!

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Delaney had her show this past weekend and played “Fiona”.

Click here to see her solo. Nana said she is better than ever!

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Earlier this summer I applied for a grant that would give me an opportunity to bring one on one virtual reality into my classroom! Well today I found out my grant was approved ‼️ There was lots of excitement in room 153 today .

Hi Kelsie…waiting for Basketball to begin…

Mark your calendars…our broadway star is the leading lady…Fiona!


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