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Be back in a few days…


Our first trip of the season…cut short by RAIN! Left Friday when Linda got off work, came home Sunday afternoon just beating the storm. Saturday was very hot- Heat index of 103. This was the first time we went camping and no one else was at the river (brother came just for a couple hours). We got to do all our own cooking, no internet or comforts of the cabin (everything moved out because it flooded) so everything was done in our RV!


We went on a hike (our goal for every trip this year)- took some pictures.


Some things never change- Bear always has to pee once we get on the road so we stop to accommodate and we seem to always stop at DQ.

This trip we did have a new friend- Baxter came along- he had a lot of fun and fit right in.




This is the first trip with white caps on the river. The two bottom pictures happen every trip…Bear has to go potty so we have to stop and we stop at DQ to buy Lloyd Dilly Bars!


Cooler weather- still had fun. Winterized the camper and Lloyd winterized the cabin…till next year!


trip6Celebrating Lloyd and Diana’s Birthdays. Little chilly- heater stopped working and the RV is like a tin can.  We got it working but had a couple chilly hours.

First trip with many family members and children…

blowupsjpgSaw the first kayakers on the river…


Looking for the beautiful autumn leaves- not quite here yet…still lots of green.




Went to the River to celebrate Linda’s birthday with her brother and get a little rest & relaxation from the “house projects”.


I discovered on a walk that this area was part of the Lewis & Clark Expedition on July 1, 1804.


There were 2 additional dogs (Ruby and Ollie) for a total of 5 (Bear, Brutus and Bernie Mac)- they played really well together. Bear is the only non-dachshund- cutest dog there!



We park on the concrete- lightning hit the tree NW of it and split the bark. The bark hit the cabin and scared Diana half to death. They got 2 inches in 45 minutes…river up, Linda had to work and is on call so we are safely at home!



Went back to the river…first night drive! First time I drove home.

Big storm hit while we were there- good news…no leaks, bad news…river is up and might flood. Lloyd moved out again, we came home a day early- Linda did not want to “float down the Missouri River in a tin can!”


Before…see the shore line


Now- no shore line. Right after we left we received a text that a refrigerator was floating down the river- lots of debris!


This trip had nice homemade sausage bread-big hit with the guys. It needs more sausage and cheese but the homemade dough for the bread was wonderful.


Remember Purple Martins? Lloyd has 3 houses- I caught one right after it caught a dragonfly and loved watching them come into the homes. Brought back memories of having to research them when daddy was putting up a home at the farm.



We left Saturday morning and headed back to the river (Lloyd’s place) for a little rest and relaxation- starting my summer vacation!

Setting up was much easier. We discovered one small leak in back window which we will caulk this week. We purchased a new mattress for the bed (much better sleep and made the table bed up this time for Linda- put an Aerobed on top with a mattress pad- very comfortable- now we all sleep well.

We are trying to get done- installation of bathroom fan, wash & wax, fix cruise control and installation of backup camera. Going back next weekend…

If you thought the ribs looked good- you should have had the tenderloin- delicious!