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We took our first trip in the new RV- weather was great Saturday (84) and Sunday was (59). Probably have to winterize it soon but it was fun!


rvThis Coachmen Mirada class A gas motor home 35BH features a set of bunks, dual slide outs for added space, one and a half baths, a hide-a-bed sofa with table and u-shaped dinette slide found opposite the entry door. There is a double kitchen sink, a three burner range, a pantry, a refrigerator, and overhead storage for dishes and things.There is also a 39″ LCD TV with DVD player along the interior living area wall for your enjoyment. A half bath featuring a toilet, a sink, and linen cabinet are just off the living area across from a set of bunk beds in the hall. The convertible bunks along with the master bedroom wardrobe slide out provide a bit more interior space. Plus there is a 13″ TV with DVD player in each bunk.Just beyond the half bath you will find a queen size bed with nightstands on either side, and an overhead cabinet for storage.The rear full bath features a shower, toilet, sink, and linen cabinet. There is a drop down bunk above the cab area that already includes a table between the driver and passenger’s chairs.




They found more damage on the RV so we decided to cut our losses and upgrade. Stayed small (25 ft) but this has one slide so there is a little more room in the living area- bed and bath areas are smaller but will do. Newer (went from a 1998 to a 2015) so we are more confident that we can travel far away. Next year we hope to travel and enjoy seeing parts of the USA! (This is our retirement plan).


July was a tough month.Like a wave…the surge was last week- the crash was Thursday…after this situation with Pat- we are wiped out. We are leaving and going to the river to catch a breathe, relax, rejuvenate and celebrate Linda’s birthday- back next week.



Broke toe- maybe foot- pretty colors!


Trip to the River


1 point color





Beautiful weather so we hit the road to the river. Kris…we finally made S’more’s!

cuClean-up…Purple Martins are back, there are new neighbors (with kids & dog), the garden is in and growing, new dog (BeBe),

Brutis lost 23 pounds and much clean up on the banks.



We were going to winterize the camper but decided to wait and see if we might be able to squeeze in a couple more trips.

There was an incredible fog when we woke this morning. We also saw our first barge on the Missouri River.


This trip we brought Muffie (we are babysitting).



This trip was a little chilly…fall is coming. The tree guys cut down 5 trees and have one more to go. They sell the wood to a pallet company. Repeat- Bear rolling in the sawdust- he loves to get dirty! Beautiful sunset!


I just though the 2 old men’s truck was cool- a 1942 Ford.


Here are pictures from our walk…



Beautiful fall weather- Going out in the RV…back later…



Ok this is Phillippo our waiter from Florence he was studying civil engineering at Duke University and will be finishing degree at university of Florence here in Italy He loves the states and is 25 years old He thinks Darian Scutella is pretty cute hmmmm… Italian an engineer giving your mother wine and ravioli I think it is a match made in heaven!! For those who don’t know- Kris and Bev are in Italy!


Linda and I went to the river- here is trip #12. There were trees being cut down- it was quite entertaining. Bear really enjoyed rolling in the sawdust. Worst part of the trip- my crown feel off- I was just at the dentist last week for a cleaning-I’m blaming it on them.


Here is the tree falling…it shock the ground…


Here are the pictures from this trip…


And I know I have to catch up on Silvie…she is learning to wave bye-bye, still chasing Clyde, at the farm with Ella & her aunts…she is growing big!


It’s Sunday…football time!


Retired the 8 car of the Wheeler Racing team tonight with a win!!

culversThe Culver’s trip pic…

What’s up with you?

Camping Photos


We left early Friday because Linda worked days- fun to get there early. We helped Lloyd put in a grill and painted the door jams for the new doors that were installed. Beautiful weather…some pictures we took…


Some food we cooked on the grill- our tailgate before the first Chiefs game (we won)… packets were chicken.




We went to the river to celebrate Linda’s birthday- her birthday dinner was tenderloin, fresh corn on the cob and carrot cake-YUMMY! We went during the “Blue Moon”, neighbors had some fireworks (just for Linda-LOL)- had a great time.


More pictures from our nature walks- harder this time because little bees and bugs ate us alive! As always- beautiful sunsets…



cute_humorous_women_rvers_female_rving_rv_plate-r706727460b17494bb6b2deab9a263e3e_ambb0_8byvr_512Going to the river in the RV to spend Linda’s birthday weekend with her brother and sister-in-law (& Bear). Good food & good times are planned- be back Sunday. The “Bringing Healthy Back” tips are set to post each day I am gone but not sure if I’ll get our daily smiles by Silvie (I will if I have internet). I have added a few to pop up while I’m gone- after all- ain’t no sunshine if Silvie is not up here! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


trip9Left Friday evening to go back to Lloyd’s place on the river. Saturday was beautiful- we went on an ATV ride, saw a crop duster and beautiful sunset.9picsTook a hike and shoot some new pictures…waterRelaxing and just what we needed!