Calendar time…

hello all, I wanted to get a head start on this calendar business, cause I won’t be here much longer. So, what I need from you, is to let me know of the mistakes that are in the calendar. I know aunt Kay let me know some of them, but i don’t have those with me. So please, look through it and let me know, or at least look through the months that have either your birthday or anniversary to make sure they are correct (spelling, date, year, etc.).

I couldn’t upload them here, so I put them on my website at school.

PCs: calendar.exe
Macs: calendar.sea

Right click and select the “download” option or “save link” option depending on your system. The file you downloading is a self extracting file. When you click on it, it’ll be 13 PDF files to view.

Please, let me know either by email, or post comments here so I know what to fix. Also, please email me with any new phone numbers or address changes since last christmas so I can update the contact page.



  1. susie said:

    what kind of pictures are you looking for… group shots(portraits) orindividual or DOES IT MATTER? as far as dates/spelling addreses all is well w/ us. hope all is going well in school love ya’

    September 20, 2002
  2. beth said:

    Also, I need pictures for the calendar!!

    September 18, 2002
  3. La said:

    I looked through the months and they look good to me- though I only swear to dates related to me (the inability to remember comes with age). I believe Linda & I have all the same info. Did notice that the 716 area code needs to change and info on you and Erin is different. I also think Kelly has a new e-mail. Hope this helps

    September 17, 2002

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