Busy weekend…

Clyde Savannah Eagles played Notre Dame in another sectional game. They lost (26-6) but Kameron was awarded the most valuable defensive back, Class D.

Kelsie had a cheerleading competition- her squad placed.

Kelly took home many honors this year with her racing.

The Culver’s celebrated Clark’s birthday and their Thanksgiving up at Lake George. Lots of fun- especially for Beth as she jump off a cliff! Kim and Clark had a great time too.

Karen & Linda did lots of outdoor cleaning (leaves, gardens, pots)- when we brought the pots into the attic, this is what we found (raccoon droppings) this is going to be fun! I don’t have a gun (would not shoot it anyway) and the cable man said antifreeze (this doesn’t sound much better) but he/she has to go away. Nope, not a raccoon, a possum! He now has a new home far away from my home. Let’s hope there was only one.

New York is bracing for a storm… On its current projected track, Sandy could make U.S. landfall on Monday night or Tuesday anywhere between Maryland and southern New England, forecasters said. Rain accumulations of up to 12 inches and heavy snowfall inland are considered likely in some areas. High winds pose a greater threat than rain in upstate New York. Plan for power outages-stock up and be safe!

Looks like schools are closed 10/30- enjoy the day off but stay safe and dry!

What did you do this weekend?

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