Busy Week

First off congratulations to Kristen, I am very proud of you. It is about the time those ignorant people t IR realized how important you are to the organization.

I am sorry I have not been on this site in awhile, but I have been consulting for the government the last few weeks and my time has been completely bogged down.

It did pay off, though, on Friday I landed the largest order that my company has gotten in Jacksonville in over twn years!! With the US Navy I received a contract for over $300,000. To put it in perspective, the gentleman I replaced sold $250,000 all of last year!

I jus wanted to pass on the good news as it has resulted in a lot of compliments and votes of confidence that I am being considered “the solution” to all of the problems that my company has had in Jacksonville.

To all of you who sometimes think that it is impossible to get ahead without being corrupt, this is proof that you can make it by working hard!


  1. Kay & Bob said:

    Well all righty then… I’m so glad that you finally closed that deal. Feels good and it’s nice to have a little money in the pocket, especially with the holidays coming quickly. We certainly missed you this weekend. Delaney is still reeling from the event!! The rest of us are just plain tired. Talk to you soon. Here’s to you, Cheers!! Love, Kay

    September 5, 2002
  2. Erin said:

    Way to go Kev! It’s about time they realize how important you are are! Miss you tons!

    September 4, 2002
  3. Karen said:

    Congratulations- and it does feel good to work hard and be rewarded.

    September 1, 2002

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