Busy week…

  • Kam’s team lost at East Rochester (who they beat at home).

  • Kelsie had her birthday movie party. She and some friends saw  “Chip-wrecked”. They had great fun.

  • Karen and Linda are recovering. Linda from a very bad case of bronchitis and Karen from a head cold. Also baking lots of yummy things (see previous posts for pictures).

  • I want a brick oven at my home to cook with! We can all dream…

  • Speaking of dreams-I heard shouts all the way from Orchard Street after NY Giants won in OT! Super Bowl Baby!!!
  • What’s up with you?

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  1. Kristen & women (and black pup) said:

    nothing much here – i have a head cold too but excercising it out of my head and body! just enjoyed weekend with dee – we went and saw tom hanks/sandra bullock movie and then enjoyed one margarita at chilis (then we had to go home cuz we were both exhausted) Mattie is happy bunny cuz giants are in superbowl – she follows her poppy’s and uncles and cousin when it comes to football!!

    January 23, 2012

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