Busy times…

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* Kameron began football this weekend- they lost but he shot a 105 in golf!
* He is being coached by his {{popup coach.gif coach 550×367}}dad so we know it will get better.
* I got a new {{popup sc001.jpg sc001 500×375}}computer this weekend. Touch screen, wireless
* I also got a new {{popup printer7280.gif printer7280 500×369}}printer, wireless. This will be so cool when we start the den. It is our next project- we will be putting in wood floors, built in desk for two and bookshelf. Can’t wait. This is the rewards of working all summer!
* {{popup K&C.gif K&C 550×349}}Kim & Clark leave today for Las Vegas.. have fun
* School starts tomorrow Today– {{popup Sue&K.gif Sue&K 500×333}}Sue will be teaching kindergarten Pre-K this year and will have Kelsie some of the time. {{popup kamgrin.gif kamgrin 500×433}}Kam will be in Jr. High and {{popup snackpacker.gif snackpacker 388×500}}Delaney will start kindergarten.
* Mom & Dad will have a “Thank you” dinner at the {{popup 2770135141_a01a0c827e.jpg 2770135141_a01a0c827e 375×500}}restaurant Friday as a way to say Thanks to all who helped bring it together. It will open September 13.
* {{popup E&D.jpg E&D 500×375}}Erin & David moved into their house this weekend.
* What’s up with you?


  1. hot mama said:

    Erin, glad you got moved. It will take a while to get settled but a little at a time and it will come together. I wish all of you were going to be here on the 13th. I can’t think of anything I like better than to have all my kids together and let everyone see what a great family we have. It will be fun and probably tiring. Just watching your dad is fun. He is really excited about finally getting this dream going. Pray for us. Mom

    September 4, 2008
  2. Erin said:

    Wow! Lots going on for everyone! We are officially moved and it was hard work, considering we did almost all of it by ourselves. We’ve moved so many times in the last few years that we figured we would give everyone a break (most of all, my parents who were relieved). We were up very late making trip with the cars all weekend and the house looks like a bomb went off because we still have so much to do and so much to put away. It will get there though. While David is traveling for the next two weeks, I will be finishing my design studio, the guest room and our master bedroom. When he gets home and after we go to Cancun, we will focus on the living room and trying to install our new wood floors. Hopefully they aren’t going to be hard, as they are floating. I will post pics when things get to a better place.

    September 3, 2008

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