Busy summer almost done…


The summer has flown by and school starts next week. This summer was a very productive one!

The above wagon started with herbs- they were later changed to this fountain which Linda got for her birthday- adds some whimsy!

This summer saw the completion of boxing up all my CD’s-complete.

Reorganized all the warrenty paperwork, house paperwork in the file drawer (purged and alphabitized).

We power washed (I melted the chord to the power washer and had to get a new one) the deck and stained it and painted all the wrought iron furniture-complete.

We planted many gardens- I really have to rethink this process- our tomatoes are still not red (It’s August!) and the few we have had, have been eaten by deer. The peppers are 4 foot tall and just producing- I roasted 8 tonight. I can not say Italian peppers taste differently than American. I am most happy about my  Marina Chioggia– the reason for growing Italian in the first place. I have 8 plants– each plant should have 3-4 pumpkins- I have about 8 total- I just hope they are as good as I have heard.

Replaced windshield in car- person spit a rock and cracked it-complete.

Most happy- cleaned barn- still have to “rearranged”  but cleaned out and disposed of over 25 bins and boxes of stuff- clothing, books, junk- I will finish the final touches in the fall when it is a little cooler- I am very excited about this.

Last- we decided to scrap the ceilings, not expecting the nightmare we got (firing person-waiting for weeks, no lights and a house in plastic) but the good news is- it will be complete in the next 2 days- carpets cleaned Friday and house back together this weekend. We do have to repaint/ touch up most walls but the house will be very clean and new when we get done. I will post the completed pictures. We are also adding a new ceiling fan near the fireplace.

Edit: 8/7/09: No the ceilings are NOT done. Late start- guy blew the ceilings a night late- screwed it up beyond what words can say, next night scrapped ceiling off- crew chief fired guy, hired new one, machine broke, waiting for part maybe tomorrow then still needs painted. House covered in plastic and dust, no lights in half the house and I go back to work Tuesday. I also have a sinus infection and no voice- If you are thinking of scrapping your ceilings- I would recommend against it!

8/9/09: Excuse after excuse after excuse- still not done- threatened to take him to court for breach of contract and damage to my house- if he does not show up at 9 am tomorrow- another firing and will look for person # 3. You want to know why our economy sucks- people don’t want to work!

8/10/09: The ceilings are sprayed- finally…tomorrow painted and then I can fix the walls. Light at the end of the tunnel.

8/11/09: The painting is being done as I type- it really is going to get completed! The positive side- it looks really good. The negative, the dust and dirt have made me sick (great way to start school) and the house is a mess and I’m out of time- back to work. Guess that is why they make weekends. Note: He didn’t clean the edges, primed the stain which shows through and pulled some of the texture off when he pulled down the plastic and all the paint on the walls too. Linda will repaint this weekend and I will start repainting all the walls. People suck!

Got to read many pleasure books (Scarpetta, The Friday Night Knitting Club, Shelter Me, The Front, Where Are You Now?) and am currently reading The Julie/Julia Project. This beat papers, tests and PowerPoint presentations any day!

So as this summer draws to a close- so will a few projects we are working on- den closet doors, trim and floor (in progress), gardening/canning, the search for the “perfect pizza dough”- (long story), a retaining wall and some wonderful lazy days!

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  1. Erin said:

    WOW, you cave gotten lots done and so much looks fantastic! I adore the fountain and just think it looks great! I want to see it in person… and I noticed your black-eyed susans in the background and I am so jealous. I plantyed two that died (I didn’t even know they could die because I thought they were a wild flower… I found a way to kill them I guess).

    And I think your garden looks fantastic! I know it has taken a while on the tomatoes, but you are getting things that I am not. My peppers are pathetic and my 2 jalepenos only produced one pepper per plant and my 2 serranos produced two per plant, so your peppers are far exceeding mine. I know it has felt tiring, but next year you can try a few new things or plant just a little less and maybe then it won’t feel like such a burden… I’ll help you figure out how to keep those deer away somehow.

    And I am happy to hear about the ceilings finally getting taken care of. What a mess those people caused you. It will feel good to have it all done.

    And let mw know how the Jules/Julia book is? I have wondered about that. I just ordered a library card. I figured there are books I will love and will want to buy, but for the most part I need to borrow them first and save a little money. But so far this year (and it’s only August) I have read 12 books, plus I am almost finished with the second book of the Dark Compass Series. I am cruising on the reading this year! Sounds like you are too!

    August 4, 2009

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