Well Old Man Winter is showing his strength this morning in old upstate New York! For all of you coming home in a couple of days it is snowing and blowing here, the ground is white and it is just miserable out! But our wreaths and candles are in the windows and I will put out some more dec’s each day so Let It Snow…. of course poor Clark is across the road with Nathan and David Drahms freezing their #@$’# off so all I can say is…Damn Fools! I only have two weeks of school left for the semester with one day of finals on the 18th.. Woo Whooo!! Then Kelsie can come at any time! Kam starts his Basketball this coming Saturday and Kenny is making sausage today. Hope everyone is getting into the holiday spirit ! Fa La La La……


  1. La said:

    Is the Pope Catholic- yes Nana and the rest ventured forth. It was not too bad. In fact we went shopping Friday & Saturday- but stayed away from the "big" malls- we hit target and name brand stores. I was able to find Delaney’s birthday gift so I’m happy! Hard to decorate with company so Linda and I will tackle that next week (the lights are up) we’ll do inside. Kevin left at 5:30 this AM so I’m taking mom & dad to brunch with Linda’s sister & husband- then this afternoon we’ll watch the Chiefs. WE are having a great time.

    November 30, 2003
  2. Erin said:

    I’m decking the halls with lots of jolly Christmas decorations! Got three trees up this year… a 7′ in the living room, a 5.5′ or 6′ in the dining room, and a 4′ alpine in the bedroom. I got a steal of a deal on my 7’… $40 two days ago! I am psyched! I always wanted a bigger tree and couldn’t afford it… $40 was right up my alley! So we’ve got Santas on the living room tree, adirondack in the dining room, and frogs in the bedroom. The toons are blarring and I’ve already made two batches of cookies… but who knows if they’ll make it ’till Christmas! Happy holidays all! Was anyone brave enough to venture out to the stores this weekend?

    November 30, 2003
  3. La said:

    Well the weather man said 70 so we booked tee times- then it ended up 56 with 31 mile an hour winds making it about 36- Kevin says he has lost his "kibbles and bits" it’s so cold- we cancelled and everyone is just being lazy- no snow anyway. Wish you were here to play!

    November 29, 2003

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