Breast Cancer Stamp

stamp (52k image) I received this e-mail from a friend and I thought it was a great idea since so many of us are women and should be concerned with breast cancer. I actually have to buy stamps today, so I’m going to show my support. Just thought I would share with all my beautiful, wild succulent women…

It would be wonderful if 2003 were the year a cure for breast cancer was found! The notion that we could raise $35 million by buying a book of stamps is powerful! As you may be aware, the US Postal Service recently released its new “Fund the Cure” stamp to help fund breast cancer research. The stamp was designed by Ethel Kessler of Bethesda,Maryland. It is important that we take a stand against this disease that affects so many of our Mothers, Sisters and Friends. Instead of the normal 37 cents for a stamp, this one costs 40 cents. The additional 3 cents will go to breast cancer research. A “normal” book costs $7.40. This one is only $8.00. It takes a few minutes in line at the Post Office and means so much. If all stamps are sold, it will raise an additional $35,000,000 for this vital research. Just as important as the money is our support. What a statement it would make if the stamp outsold the lottery this week. What a statement it would make that we care.

Many of us know women and their families whose lives are turned upside-down by breast cancer. It takes so little to do so much in this drive. We can all afford the $0.60.

Please help & pass it on.


  1. Beth said:

    You can also buy stamps online at I think shipping is just $1, on just about all the stamps you can buy. Personally, one dollar is worth it to me to have them shipped, because how long does it take you to drive to the office, stand in line and drive back. Not to mention the gas (even though it’s minimal) and leaving work to make it when it’s open. I highly recomend buying online, and it only takes like 2 days to get your stamps.

    July 2, 2003
  2. Erin said:

    Okay, I just went and got some stamps and found out that Aunt La is correct… these are not new and have been around a while. I’m just glad I got the e-mail, even if it is old, because it made me aware. And the stamps are $9.00 a booklet (20 stamps). I asked the guy at the post office, because I couldn’t figure out why they weren’t $8.00, and he told me that these stamps have actually been around for a few years and they are $.45 a piece. Had to carify…

    I was also pleased to find out that my boyfriend David gives to Breast Cancer Funding every year. I didn’t know that until I told him about the stamps. You see, one his his very good friends lost a mother to breast cancer, so he tries to do his part on his tax forms every year when they ask for donations.

    I just want to feel like I am doing my part for something (even if it is a little part)… I would also like to give to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) funding, because my old boss’s wife has it. I’m interested in finding out more on saving the rainforests as well… I support the trees – yes I am a tree hugger… in time I will have the time and money to support all these, but for now, I wave my little Breast Cancer stamps in the hope that I am helping and will continue to find other causes to suppport… anyone else got some that they support? I’m just curious to know…

    Wow, I just did a search and at this link it lists 6 differesnt environmental organizations. Maybe I will give to the Arbor Day Foundation: "Dedicated to America’s trees! Make a $10 donation to this great Non-Profit Organization! Your donation will save 2,500 square feet of Rainforest! You will also receive 10 FREE TREES to plant in your area, and a subscription to their bi-monthly publication, ‘Arbor Day’." Hmmmm…. I do not think I can plant trees in my development, but I could give them to my old boss’s girl scout troop maybe.

    July 2, 2003
  3. La said:

    I have purchased these before and I donate to the Susan B. Komen walk every year (one of the women I work with is a survivor.) This IS important to all women so support the cause (plus the art work is cool)

    July 1, 2003

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