Block him…he’s the shooter!

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Kameron played in a double elimination basketball tournament this weekend…here’s how it went:

First game they played Geneva (during the season lost by about 30 points) lost first game by ten- much improvement.

Second game against Macedon, won and Kameron scored about 27 points- yippee!

Third game against Waterloo- won Kameron scored around 16 points

Fourth game on Sunday- back to Geneva and they lead the whole game to lose by 1 point in the last few seconds- Kameron scored around 22 points.

The words above were from a coach telling his team to block Kameron- he did so well this weekend and improved so much this year. I think the Kenny DiSanto family had fun but I think Nana & Poppy DiSanto had more fun cheering on the team!


  1. Erin said:

    Wow, Kam! You go! Wish I was there to cheer for you too! Sounds like your getting to be quite the player! You make us all so proud!

    March 3, 2008
  2. Hot mama said:

    This is just like it was when Kenny and Kevin used to play at this age. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed that. I sure enjoy it now. I love watching the improvement in the team, and they sure did get better. Winter was a lot more fun this year getting out more to basketball games and being around more people. I didn’t realize how bored I have been the last few years. Winter doesn’t seem so bad when you get out and do things. However, I am ready for spring. Is anyone with me? Mattie, what is going on with soccer? Have you played another game? Keep us posted. Love to all, Nana

    March 3, 2008

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