Big Hit…

scrapbook (208k image)
“It couldn’t have happened anywhere but in little old New York.”

Well I think one of the biggest hits was the scrapbook of New York City-WOW!
I have added a link on the side so you can look at it any time.
Thank you so much mom and dad for making this trip happen.
Thank you women (and Kameron) for going and making memories.
Thank you Erin for your talent and time to make this keepsake.
Thank you God for this family!


  1. La said:

    This did turn out so nice-it leaves me without words.

    January 23, 2007
  2. hot mama said:

    Well, I will certainly cherish it forever. I love all the pictures of the people that I love most. And the way Erin puts it all together is the best. Thanks to all who helped in the effort. Mom

    January 21, 2007

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