Beth got a job!

I read this on the Culver site and thought I’d share…

I was just writing everyone to inform them that I have a job!!!! I’m so excited! The pay isn’t great, but it is better than the factory work I’ve started this week and it’s experience. My new title is Print Production Artist, although I don’t think I’ll be designing anything for a while. Mostly being given a template to follow, but I’ll still enjoy it. The woman I am working for is super nice. I really think I’ll be happy there. It is a very small company (the top floor of her house) in Auburn NY called Coburn Design. I think this will be an excellent opportunity to learn about the print world for me, since I wanted to learn about it anyways.

For more information about my new company and their portfolio, go to

Congratulations…it has to feel good to be employed (especially in today’s economy) and doing something we love (or like). Share the wonderful work you produce. This is great! Do I see a new (or used) car in your future?


  1. Sue said:

    good for you Beth, hope the car works well and there are no problems! Pray for Spring with that drive. Love ya’

    January 13, 2003
  2. bkbd said:

    Beth, Congrats on the new job. It’s work and it pays the bills, and that is most important. Keep us posted on what you are up to.

    January 12, 2003
  3. La said:

    After looking at the web page- will your name appear? Nice work!Keep us posted on how it goes. The time has finally arrived- you’re a grown up now!

    January 10, 2003
  4. beth said:

    Sorry about not posting here, when I went to post last night it said page not found. I was going to do it now, but La beat me to it.

    I’m getting the car on saturday, flying to NYC. $350, 80,000 miles, the only thing wrong with it is a broken window crank (probably off the track or something).

    January 7, 2003

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