Beer Cheese…

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2 pounds sharp Cheddar cheese — at room temp.
2 cloves garlic — mashed
3 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon dry mustard
Tabasco to taste
1/2 bottle beer — or more as rec.
1 teaspoon salt — to taste

Cut the cheese into cubes and place them in a food processor or electric mixer. Process until perfectly smooth. Add the garlic, Worcestershire, mustard, and Tabasco. Blend well. Add the beer, a little at a time, while continuing to beat the cheese, until the mixture is a good, firm spreading consistency. (Too much beer will make the cheese too fluffy.) Stir in the salt, and refrigerate. (This is a superb keeper.) Serve on small slices of rye or pumpernickel bread. Delicious with cold, cold beer. Serves 15 to 20

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