Been so busy but got the gardens in…

esgarden (77k image)

I cannot tell you how busy I

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  1. Erin said:

    Oh, cool! I guess I should have posted it here but didn’t think about it. We had a little mishap with our tomatoes, thinking I had a 9 pack of cherries and finding out they were Mountain Pride (after I already planted one), so I went out and got some pots. Looks a little silly to have 8 pots all in a row with tomato cages sticking out, but I couldn’t bear to waste them… we even asked our neighbors if they wanted them but they don’t get sun in their backyard. I think I will be bringing them some of our bounty (and the rest of the neighborhood) since I have 12 tomato plants and two cherry tomatoes. I still haven’t planted the gourds and pumpkins, but I hope to do that this weekend, along with building some more remesh cages/trellis’. I’ll try to get pics soon, although the garden with the squash, etc. in it was mostly by seed and nothing has sprouted yet. Our beans were by seed and are growing like wildfire! We’re both excited!

    June 4, 2009

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