Become Yourself…

“The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.”
– Anna Quindlen

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  1. Erin said:

    Love the quote and the picture (and the new Flickr banners)! I have been focusing really hard on me lately, and REALLY working out and eating more nutritionally, setting time aside for the things I like, etc. I am trying to focus on more of a vegetarian diet (with some exceptions)… they say that meat should not be considered the main dish, but more like the side! David and I have decided to cook seperately and it’s working wonderfully. He cooks his meat and I pick a main veggie dish (or fish sometimes), and then make a few sides that include more veggies and sometimes rice… both of which he shares in. I always thought it would be wasteful for us to cook separately, but now I am happy, as is he. And now my waistline is slowly (very slowly) shrinking.

    Anyway, I’ve been doing all kinds of reading and really dedicating myself to this new lifestyle and I have to say that I feel euphoric! I’m so serious! It’s wonderful to feel so good! My favorite part is the green smoothies! Add a few handfuls of spinach or other greens to a fruit smoothie and you don’t taste them, but before noon you have a lot of your daily intake of raw fruits and raw veggies, which is where the best vitamins are! I’m loving it and wanted to share.

    So come on people… jump on the feel-good bandwagon and let’s kick some butt with our health! Here’s to you!

    January 19, 2010

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