Baptism Date Set

Well, it’s official. Delaney’s Baptism has been set up for Saturday, December 28th @ 3:00pm. This should accommidate everyone including Erin. Sorry Susie, I know that this screwed up Kameron’s Birthday, but unfortunately I was trying to make it so everyone from out of town would be here. I’m actually excited because I will get to see my Sweet Boy that day. If not, who knows if we would have made it back to Clyde. We’ll provide directions and details at a later day (probably Christmas). Make sure you mark your calendars!! Thanks, Kay

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  1. La said:

    This reminds me of my MSW graduation- it was mothers day, Kay & Bob’s Anniversary, Kevins’s birthday and my graduation- all May 14- lets have one big party and celebrate the wonderful birth and baptism and coming together of our family!

    November 23, 2002

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