This past weekend I tried a new restaurant…

Seasons 52 is a fresh grill and wine bar that invites guests to discover the sensational flavors of a seasonally-inspired menu and award-winning international wine list in a casually-sophisticated ambiance.

I had the Tomato & Hass Avocado Salad with organic arugula, balsamic glaze and grilled bruschetta. I feel in love with balsamic glaze!

Whatever amount of vinegar you decide to reduce, you will end up with about less than a quarter of the original amount in syrup.  I am basing this recipe on a 3 cup reduction.

3 C balsamic vinegar

Place the vinegar in a heavy-bottomed, non-reactive pot.  Heat on low, so that you have a light simmer.  Reduce until syrupy, or to desired consistency, about 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

To test the consistency, I like to take a spoon and drizzle a few drops onto a cool plate, or better yet, take a dry pastry brush and brush some glaze onto the same plate.  I’ll then run my finger right over the cooled glaze to see how sticky it is.  If the consistency is too thick, add a little water to the glaze, stir it up, and test again.  If its too thin, return the pot to the heat.  Whatever happens, don’t let it burn…

Once cooled, it can be stored at room temperature.  If for some reason it is stored in the fridge where it will harden quite a bit, just place it in its container into a hot water bath or microwave for a few seconds, this will soften it up quickly.

I also discovered I like arugula- think I will try and grow some.

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