Bad news to Good news

I haven’t told everyone, but a few people know so I thought I would share so I don’t have to keep telling everyone. Just this week I went into the doctor because in the two years I have been down here I haven’t needed to go, so they wanted to give me routine physical and have lab work done. Well my lab work came back and there were good things and bad things. The good: my cholesterol is awesome… a 69 I think she said. She was very impressed with my heart numbers (and so was I). The bad: my blood sugar was high. I had a 113 and it is supposed to be under 110…not bad, but I was still over. She said I could have diabetes or hyperglycemia. This scared me because of the diabetes in the family and I am at high risk. I thought it was even scarier because I am so young and I eat pretty healthy…I hated to think what could come from it (although knowing is good).

Well, we retested my blood work and I called and everything is NORMAL!!!! Whew! I just wanted to pass on the good news! I think I will routinely have it checked though to be sure.


  1. Mommers said:

    Keep watching your diet and getting checked.

    Glad all is okay… kiss!

    March 6, 2004
  2. La said:

    The power of prayer! Good news- glad to hear it and keep eating healthy. I love you.

    March 5, 2004

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