I’ve been goin up to raliegh to watch the NCAA womens soccer touney the last 5 weekends in a row and i realized why am i changing my room when i love it? so for christmas gifts so help everyone out i would like to get some more tar heel things to decorate my room. me and my mom found some cool things. if u search UNC MERCHANDISE u should find some pretty good things.. i would really appreictiate this stuff more than anything for chritmas.. thank you..

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  1. Sue said:

    Mattie- so you just can’t get enough huh?! Let us know what you are up to these days we would love to hear from you. Kameron was really bummed the other day about not being able to see you for Christmas. I explained to him how hard it is for all of you. He still thought it was pretty crappy. Just kidding!

    November 19, 2006

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