Back home…

As you can see- I’m back home. We unpacked, mowed the lawn, the boys fixed us dinner, I transferred my pictures onto my desktop computer so I can play with them tomorrow. I’ll mail out copies to people this weekend and in the next couple of days I’ll prep the photos of 26 things for Delaney, Katie, Kris and Nana’s 26 Things 2.

I started “The Family Journal” which is a blank journal that when you get it- you do whatever with it- write poems, stories, photos, drawings, what ever- just add something from you. I started with a couple of pages and sent it to Kameron. He will keep it awhile and add to it then pass it on. Later we can look through it and she all the wonderful things we have put together.

The trip home was long so I am going to bed- I only have 2 days left of summer vacation (by the way- the school caught the error in pay and reduced it $6000.00- easy come/easy go). Thanks to everyone for the great trip!


  1. bailey said:

    Was so good to see you both….just wish we could find sometime for Geneva folks….my kids were happy to see you, especially Katie! You need to visit more….both of you!

    August 12, 2004
  2. Kay said:

    Glad to hear you made it home safe. Figured you’d be busy- unpacking, going through mail, laundry, etc… We are so glad you got to come out. Delaney had a wonderful time with you both. I certainly enjoyed spending time with you. Have a good week and we will catch up with you later in the week.

    August 11, 2004
  3. Erin said:

    Glad you are home safe! Bummer on the pay cut! That’s a little rough! Maybe someday they will give it back to you…

    August 11, 2004

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