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Katie formed a team “Team Bailey” for the Buffalo JDRK Walk to Cure Diabetes at the Buffalo Zoo Sunday in honor of her Dad. Thanks to all of those in the family that donated to the team in honor of her Dad and Nana.

Just so you know..

“Everyone has specific targets they have to meet to make their money.  But then why is it that many executives of  diabetes non-profits (with the exception of the JDRF), gets paid based on goals and objectives that have nothing to do with finding a cure?

We just finished our latest report  ” Are Non-Profit Executives Financially Incentivized to Deliver a Cure”, and our findings are pretty upsetting. Most of the CEO’s are rewarded on the performance of completely different criteria, such as advocacy, or how much fundraising they pull in.  Finding a cure is a large part of every organization’s mission, so why is progress towards one not incentivized at all? If they’re going to get bonuses anyway, shouldn’t the bonuses be for work that helps cure diabetics, and not for how much fundraising they gain?”

Jeff Brewer’s (CEO) son has diabetes and his number one goal is to find a cure- money goes to research! Much better place to put your donation!

Way to go Katie!



Officially a speech and hearing science major. Congratulations Katie!!!


Family News

I needed to give kimmy my email address so I thought maybe I would give it to everyone else in case you wanted to chat sometime, so it’s… :]



katrina (14k image)

Hey everyone, I haven’t been on here in quite a while so I thought maybe I would give you guys some info on what’s going on over here :] I just got done with Box Lacrosse over in PennYan..that was really fun and all the playing time really helped me improve more. My soccer season is also starting on monday so that will hopefully be an awesome season where we win a few games :] haha But other than that I am just working ( 3 nights a week now ) and hanging out. Miss you all and hope to see you very soon :]

oh and aunt kimmy if you read this can you please send me some of those pictures you took on sunday at the picnic :] thanks!

♥ Kate

Edited: I placed your next post under “link” didn’t want your email out there for everyone to see…


kateeee (7k image)

So I thought maybe I would fill everyone in on how my lacrosse season is going…our record is 3-6…not all that great but we’re doing a lot better than previous years…I have gotten 3 goals and made 3 assists so far so I’m doing pretty good…there are still a few games left to hopefully we will win them…anyways just wanted to keep you posted.



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okay here’s another’s me and my daddio =) i’m not smiling very much in thisd one though…


P1010084 (574k image)

hey sorry about there being seperate entry’s but it got all messed up..but anywho here’s a pic of me and my friends..the one on the right is Jenna Patrick and the one on the left is Liz Bondor


kate&friends (169k image)

Well last night I had my first Semi Formal =) I had some friends over to take pictures before the dance then we all went together. I had a blast! Everyone looked gorgeous!! I actually used my sister’s dress from last year because i couldn’t find one that I liked. It worked out really well! Just thought maybe you guys would like to see a picture.The one on the right is Jenna Patrick and the one on the left is Liz Bondor.

kate&dad (117k image)

okay here’s another’s me and my daddio =) i’m not smiling very much in this one though…
Love and miss you all!!!
♥ Kate the great =)


maitlintractor (61k image)

hahahha i found this picture of mattie and thought i might share it cause i almost died of laughter when i found it and thought everyone else could get a good laugh at how amazing my cousin is!! =) hhahaha



Okay so the report is in…I got smaked really hard but my nose is not broked =) it’s bruised on the inside and hurts incredibly baddddd but it’s not bruised on the outside or anything ..just a little bit swolen but that’s going down! so i’m just happy I didn’t break it! Can’t wait to see you all on sunday!!



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I found a song on the internet that I thought was adorable so I had my mom listen to it and it reminded her of Delaney and she said I should tell you guys about it so that’s what i’m doing =) it’s called cuppycake song by strawberry shortcake so if you can it and listen to’s soo cute!! oh and what is up with the whole witches thing on sunday?? i’d like to join in if it’s at all possible =) thanks!

Love and miss you all

Edited: The lyrics are very cute:
You’re my Honeybunch, Sugarplum
Pumpy-umpy-umpkin, You’re my Sweetie Pie
You’re my Cuppycake, Gumdrop
Snoogums-Boogums, You’re the Apple of my Eye
And I love you so and I want you to know
That I’ll always be right here
And I love to sing sweet songs to you
Because you are so dear.


Well my coach just called over here and told us that the bishop kearny game has been cancled so sorry for anyone who was coming but you don’t get to see me play after all =(



sorry about this one i messed up so just don’t pay attention to it…


soccerball (2k image)
Heyy everybody sorry for the inconvience but my game at bishop kearny is at 5 not 3 so for anybody who was planning on going i just wanted to let you know!!

Love and miss you all!!


Well I started my allergy shots yesterday morning…I get one shot every thursday morning for up to the next 5 years! It will most likely only be 2 but 5 is a possibility. And they said that I am on track for gettting asthma but these shots have an 85% sucess rate so hopefully I will be all good by the time this is over! And oh yeah I am highly allergic to cats, dust, and dust mites so those are the things they’re putting in me…which I think might have made me sick beacuse I feel horrible today..I think it might be beacuse I forgot to take my medicine yesterday but I’m not sure! well anwyays wish me luck for my next one!

Love and Miss All of You!!