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This weekend {{popup kkdinner.gif kkdinner 500×443}}Kevin was home and Kristie and her family came down for golf and dinner. It went very well. Everyone had a good time. WE liked her family a lot! I think her mom and I could be good friends. But I wanted to say “THANK YOU” to my family for all the help at the dinner. Everyone of them came out and asked “what can I do?” I could not have done this without your help. You helped set up the tables, put out the horsdouvres, poured drinks and saw that people were watered down, help serve the food, and most of all, helped clean up. A special thanks to Nick, he was such a help in the kitchen. If we ever do something like this again I’m calling you. It was fun. I love all of you and thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am a lucky woman to call you my family.

A side note–{{popup F&R.gif F&R 500×443}}Farah had her baby on Tuesday. A little girl named “Lily Grace” 5 lbs 14 oz. Everyone is fine and Grandma and Grandpa are just glad shes here and doing good. This was a hard pregnancy.

Love, Mom

Family News

Today is Sue’s 29th birthday. Let us all wish her a very happy birthday. I don’t know how to do the pictures but we all know what she looks like. This is the third time I have put this in here and it has not entered so I hope this time is the charm. Anyway, happy birthday Sue. I hope it was a good day for you. I know you had some opera singing happy birthday. Kelsie let it rip. Love Mom D.


Well, today is Sue’s 29th birthday. I hope everyone logs on and wishes her a happy day. I would put a picture up but don’t know how to do that. You all know what she looks like anyway. Happy bday from the two old folks. I hope it is a good day and hope Fionna will wait on you today. You get the bell today!! Have a good one. Love Mom


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Well, today is Sue’s 29th birthday. I hope everyone logs on and wishes her a happy day. I would put a picture up but don’t know how to do that. You all know what she looks like anyway. Happy bday from the two old folks. I hope it is a good day and hope Fionna will wait on you today. You get the bell today!! Have a good one. Love Mom
Edited: Picture up- still looking good at 29!


On Sunday, April 5 we are going to go to Kelly’s and help her move her furniture and boxes into a storage unit. Anyone that can help it would be appreciated. We will meet at 11:00 am at her house. Hope to see you! Mom


On Sunday, April 5 we are going to help Kelly move her furniture and boxes into a storage unit. We are gathering at 11:00 am. If you can help, please come on over. The more people we have, the quicker we can get it done. Thanks from Nana and Kelly. Mom


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I just wanted to say Thank You for all the wonderful gifts that we got this year, but mainly for the visits from all of our kids from far away. It was so good to have all of you home with us. The dinner that you had was wonderful and I can’t wait to see the pictures that Steve took. I hope they turn out ok. We are so blessed to have kids that care enough to give so much of their time and effort to do something that makes us happy. Please know that it did make us happy and also know that we love each and every one of more than we could possibly put into words. Thank you again. Mom and Dad


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December 21 – Karen arrives at 8:32 pm, Roch. We will bring Delaney home with us.

December 22 – Makes cookies at Aunt Susie’s with little people. Katie, if you are home and not working, come on over. Everyone is welcome.
Kevin comes into Roch. at 4:30 pm Delaney will go home with us when we pick him up.

December 23 – Deliver Christmas cards to the shut-ins.

December 24 – Mass at 6:30pm and I think 10:00 pm

December 25 – Merry Christmas, Dinner at Nana’s at 1:00 pm. Bring some kind of cookie or pick a sweet for dessert.

December 26 – Shopping at Eastview and lunch at Biachi’s at 12:30.

December 27 – Birthday for the 3 little people at Sues at 4:00 pm.

December 28 – Ice skating over at Geneva for anyone who wants to do it. Time to be figured out when we find out if there is an interest.

December 29 – Karen leaves at 6:45 am Boo Hoo from Nana

December 31 – Kevin leave at 6:00 am. Boo Hoo again from Nana

Everyone is invited to any or all of these activities. If you have any questions, call. I hope we can all get together and have a good time. Love, Nana


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It took 69 years but Poppy got a “hole in one” yesterday out at Wayne Hills. He got it on a par three, hole #11. I think he had to buy drinks in the bar for everyone and was late for a meeting, but he was one happy poppy. Kam also hit another one out of the park Tuesday. That makes 4 out of the park home runs and one in the park home run so far this year. The kid is GOOD. That’s about it for now. Please congratulate the “old” one. Love mom


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I just wanted to log in and let everyone know that we will be leaving on January 24 to go{{popup mb.gif mb 400×266}} SOUTH . Sometimes I forget to let everyone know and then they wonder where in the world we are. We will be going to Charlotte to see Kris, Kevin, and hopefully{{popup erinfamily.gif erinfamily 400×267}} Erin and then onward to the south. We will be returning the end of February. Depends on the weather and how long we take to come home but should be around the 25th. Don’t forget us when we are gone and call so I don’t go nuts with not hearing your voices. I will need to know the scores of {{popup basketboys.gif basketboys 400×301}}Kams games, scores of Kenny’s games, what is going on in {{popup kisses.gif kisses 400×254}}Miss Delaney’s life, if {{popup saran&nana.gif saran&nana 400×297}}Miss Sarah and {{popup katierelax.gif katierelax 400×170}}Miss Katie are keeping busy. Hey, by the way everyone, {{popup shawn.gif shawn 400×267}}Shaun, Katies boyfriend got to be an Eagle Scout this last weekend. Kelly said it was very impressive. I’m impressed just knowing that he accomplished it. Congrats, Shawn. He is a very neat kid! {{popup unionkid.gif unionkid 400×409}}Nick got sworn into the union so he is a full union member. Congrats, Nick. Kenny’s team beat Lyons by 30 points last night, yippee. They are a neat bunch of kids. I think I will adopt all of them! {{popup kris1day.gif kris1day 400×199}}Kris will be up for one night in January so I can smooch on her. {{popup bobfoot.gif bobfoot 400×453}}Bob has surgery in about a week, good luck, and hope you will be up quickly. Lulu is going to take ice skating lessons. That ought to be a hoot! That child will try anything. {{popup kevjob.gif kevjob 400×343}}Nooch starts his new job next week, good luck and I hope you will like it. The people you will be working with are really great!!!! Especially one of them!!!!! That is about it. Love you all, Mom


I tried to post on your website but I did not have some of the information that they wanted so I am posting here. I love the latte color. That is so cool and you can do so many things and use so many colors with it. Either style is good, I think you need to go with what looks the best on the girls. Maybe you could go into this website and post the dresses. I think everyone would love to see them. Also, keep putting the resemes. for some reason, I can’t spell that today. Anyway keep putting them out because you will get something. It is not easy right now and the ones that get the jobs are the ones that push, push, push. Wouldn’t it be great if Beth got a job near to you! Good luck. Think Latte! Love Nana


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Would everyone please send a card and message to Mary D. and Beth. Mary called yesterday and she is having a hard time right now with the holidays and missing her mother. Write them a happy note about what they mean to you so they feel the love that they felt for and from their mother. I called Uncle Jim and he and Cindy are going to get something going to share together with them. Thanks. Mom


Karen called last week to ask what I would like for my birthday. I spent a lot of time thinking about this. I looked in my closet and have all the clothes I need. Even underwear without holes! My cupboards are full of food. I have a nice warm home and nothing that I really need. I have a car that runs. I can go where I want, when I want and I am feeling a lot of sorrow right now for people who have had their whole lives taken away. What I would like is for each of you to take the money you would use to buy me something and give it to one of the organizations collecting money for these people. It would bring me much pleasure to know that we helped just one family a little bit. You never know when it might be our family that needs help. I love that you care about me, but right now I feel I have more than anyone should need. Thanks, and I love each and every one of you!!!!!!!!! XXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOO.


Well, the rooms are booked. We will go on the train to NYC on May 26 and be there on May 27 and come home on the 28th. Don’t know the times yet but will fill you in. If you cannot make this trip I need to know ahead of time so I don’t buy tickets for nothing. I think I am going to get tickets for the Lion King because more people have not seen it. I am going to get a bus or limo to squire us around so we can see things like the Statue of Liberty, (however I don’t think we will go out to it because the security is rediculas but we will see it.) Ground Zero, peobably go to Macys, go for a carriage ride in Central park and maybe have a picnic there. We will see what else we can do while there. Oh, by the way, our girlie weekend will be infiltrated by ONE male, Rooney, but you know he will fit in just fine-=-He loves girls!!!!!!! I’m getting excited……Love Nana
Karen, maybe you can put something to look at with this entry, I don’t know how but this is boring!!

No- not boring- I can’t wait but here are a few sites we will see in Central Park…
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* Samores, a tent and a nice cool evening. Kam, Sue and I camped out last night.

* Today we made stepping stones for mom & dad- both Kameron & Kelsie- they are going to be so surprised!

* Sarah & Kate joined Nana, Kam and I for lunch today at Parkers. Everyone seemed to have fun. It was great to see the girls again. Poor Nick had to work.

* Tonight mom, dad & I are going out to dinner at the Aurora Inn (a quiet night).

* Look for pictures when I get home- we have the samore making process, stepping stone making and smiles.