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May the people on this planet be changed.
Changed from hatred to love,
Changed from greed to giving,
Changed from selfishness to selflessness,
Changed from apathy to action,
Changed from jealousy to joy over someone’s accomplishments,
Changed from intolerance to acceptance,
Changed from being destructive to being constructive,
Changed from fighting to peace,
Changed from killing to protecting life,
Changed from censorship to freedom,
Changed from ignorance to education,
Changed from fearing our differences to rejoicing our variety.

May we each take it upon ourselves to feed the hungry, cure the sick,
house the homeless, educate the illiterate, love the unloved,
compete to do the right thing instead of winning at any cost,
make heros that teach our children to
make the world a better place instead of glorifying violence and war,
stand up and speak out against things that are wrong
instead of sitting back and waiting for someone else,
demand honesty from our governments,
demand honesty from ourselves.

May we each take responsibility for our own actions
and realize that by refusing to change ourselves,
we condone all the evils in the world.
If one person changes they teach others by example,
who in turn change and teach more,
one person becomes as a pebble rolling down a mountain,
picking up more pebbles as it continues,
becoming an avalanche of change.

It can happen, it must happen, it will happen.

To make this prayer work, you have to change yourself.


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The paper crane has become an international symbol of peace in recent years as a result of it’s connection to the story of a young Japanese girl named Sadako Sasaki born in 1943. Sadako was two years old when the atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan on August 6, 1945. As she grew up, Sadako was a strong, courageous and athletic girl. In 1955, at age 11, while practicing for a big race, she became dizzy and fell to the ground. Sadako was diagnosed with Leukemia, “the atom bomb” disease.

Sadako’s best friend told her of an old Japanese legend which said that anyone who folds a thousand paper cranes would be granted a wish. Sadako hoped that the gods would grant her a wish to get well so that she could run again. She started to work on the paper cranes and completed over 1000 before dying on October 25, 1955 at the age of twelve.

The point is that she never gave up. She continued to make paper cranes until she died.
In 1958, a statue of Sadako holding a golden crane was unveiled in Hiroshima Peace Park. The children also made a wish which is inscribed at the bottom of the statue and reads:

“This is our cry, This is our prayer, Peace in the world”.

Today, people all over the world fold paper cranes and send them to Sadako’s monument in Hiroshima.
To learn to fold cranes….click here


Linda passed her boards! The fat lady has sung!


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Saturday was Linda’s graduation- as you can see from the program she gave the student speech and did a wonderful job (her first speech ever!). She looked so nice in her robe with a gold honor cord for Summa Cum Lauda (4.0 GPA) and a burgundy Honor cord for Student Ambassador (voted on by staff for academics, commitment and helping others). Two people in the whole school received these two cords- what can you say- she’s great! I took pictures but used my film camera so have to wait to get the pictures back. Our neighbors (Father Ed and his wife Jan) and her sister and Ralph came. She received red roses and we went to celebrate with a dinner afterwards. It is so hard to believe that the ordeal with Quaker is behind her and life is somewhat back to normal. This was quite the occassion!


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Tomorrow- February 10th is Kay C’s birthday- don’t forget to call and tell her you love her!


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The good news just keeps coming…Sarah had to do a project at school on the 13 colonies- pick one and do a slide presentation- Sarah’s won the class and now will compete for the school and then will go to CCFL. Tuesday is the big day and Kelly & Nana are going to see the presentation- say a prayer and keep your fingers crossed- she’s already a winner with us!


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Well, when I came home for Christmas I discovered an incredible talent. It seems that Mr. Kameron (age 7) makes books and draws very detailed pictures. This was one I was able to photograph. I’d hang on to this mom, someday it might be worth millions more.


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An airplane ticket home for Christmas- $232.00
Shopping after Christmas- $124.37
Catching Nick on film smiling-priceless!


Another 1.6 for a total of 29.2 and still truckin’ (I’m very happy with this lose but 100 pounds sure does seem far away….)
Anyone else doing anything fun to get in shape?


Talked with Kay C. tonight and found out Bob received a promotion to lead security officer- Congratulations to Bob! Delaney is doing fine- growing big but she doesn’t like the bottle (let’s see- boob or bottle- umh?) Buffett is doing well and Kay got to take her for a long walk. All is well in the Carroll house.


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Well Tuesday was weigh in…another 2.8 pounds so I finally reached my goal (27 pounds)and a grand total of 27.7 pounds(I got a key chain!). and set another goal for 24 pounds. I highly recommend this program. For more info check out Weight Watchers or Dotties Weight Loss Zone.


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If you took pictures this holiday or after or even before- could you please send, mail or copy them to me. I would like to use different pics on this page. Also for those who live close to family, feel free to forward pictures throughout the year. Especially kid pics- those away love to see how the “little ones” grow. Thanks!


So does no one have anything going on, no new years resolutions, nothing fun to share, weather stories, after holiday thoughts…
* I lost 1.8 pounds over the Holiday so my first 10-week cycle of weight watchers yielded a 24.8 pounds weight loss. I signed up for another 10 weeks. I will be joining a gym and my school is exercising 3 nights so I hope this will help keep it steady at about 2 pounds a week.
* Today, Sanford Brown asked Linda to give the graduating speech for the class- unanimous vote from the school- what a great honor!
What’s up with the rest of you?


I read this on the Culver site and thought I’d share…

I was just writing everyone to inform them that I have a job!!!! I’m so excited! The pay isn’t great, but it is better than the factory work I’ve started this week and it’s experience. My new title is Print Production Artist, although I don’t think I’ll be designing anything for a while. Mostly being given a template to follow, but I’ll still enjoy it. The woman I am working for is super nice. I really think I’ll be happy there. It is a very small company (the top floor of her house) in Auburn NY called Coburn Design. I think this will be an excellent opportunity to learn about the print world for me, since I wanted to learn about it anyways.

For more information about my new company and their portfolio, go to

Congratulations…it has to feel good to be employed (especially in today’s economy) and doing something we love (or like). Share the wonderful work you produce. This is great! Do I see a new (or used) car in your future?