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The Culvers are in Salem, Massachusetts- Hocus Pocus reincarnated!

Kelly and Rob are in New Orleans!

Kevin, Kristy, Silvie and Aunt Prissy are at Myrtle Beach!

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Let’s wish Clark a Happy Birthday!


Kim Farley gave me an early birthday present that I love!

Thank you so much



I got to see Kelsie play volleyball, Delaney play soccer, Mom’s birthday, Delaney’s show and shared a meal with almost everyone!

Thank you Carroll family for hosting mom’s get together- we had a blast. Except for…

But we were saved by Kris and Brooklyn!

Best part…sing Happy Birthday to mom…

Family News


“Once On This Island”– Delaney’s new show.

She plays the lead, Ti Moune. Many of the family will be going to see her on Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017. (I am when I come home!)

October 13 at 7:30PM

October 14 at 7:30PM

October 15 at 2:00PM

October 20 at 7:30PM

October 21 at 7:30PM

October 22 at 2:00PM

STAGES 875 E. Main Street

Third Floor, Auditorium Center

Rochester, NY 14605

Ti Moune, a peasant girl, rescues a wealthy boy from the other side of the island, Daniel, with whom she falls in love.  Unbeknownst to Ti Moune, the pompous gods who preside over the island make a bet with one another over which is stronger, love or death, the stakes being Ti Moune’s life.  When she pursues Daniel, who has returned to his people, Ti Moune is shunned because of her lowly status.  Her determination and capacity to love, though, is not enough to win Daniel’s heart, and Ti Moune pays the ultimate price; but the gods turn Ti Moune into a tree that grows so strong and so tall, it breaks the wall that separates the societies and ultimately unites them.

Stages performances improve the community by encouraging young performers to use and share their talents to help others.  The performances of Once on This Island benefit Trevor’s Toes & Tushies by joining with them in their Socks & Underwear Drive. To assist them in their efforts, we will be collecting new, packaged socks and underwear (child sizes – small adult sizes) during each Once on This Island performance.

Kelsie’s middle school homecoming picture- she was voted queen! She also has a volleyball game, Wednesday, October 11 at East Rochester– Lala and Kris are going to watch her play! I hear she is getting quite good at spiking that ball!

Silvie playing golf- she even hit a hole in one! I think mom & dad can’t wait to take her on the golf course with them!

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October 04, 2017 11:51 PM

A massive fire broke out Wednesday evening at a business in Wayne County.

News10NBC is told as many as 90 firefighters responded to the Village of Clyde for the blaze that started in a laundromat on Columbia Street.

“When we got here, that all we seen was smoke coming out of the roof,” says Pam Pierce, owner.

Pam Pierce couldn’t believe her eyes as she watched her laundromat go up in smoke. Firefighters from three counties battled this fire. It was spotted around 6 p.m. Wednesday evening.

The chief says the fire started in the roof. Some say the building on Columbia Street dates back to the early 1900s. That presented a problem for firefighters. The roof collapsed while they were inside and the floor caved in.

Fortunately no one was hurt. The chief says a fire chief from a neighboring fire department was among a handful of people doing laundry. He called it in.

It is a devastating loss to the community. “A lot of years; a lot of memories for the whole community. This laundromat has been here for a long time.”

Clyde Fire Chief Joe Tavano Jr. says, “These types of fires in commercial buildings with basements are really difficult because we have the risk of roof collapse and floor collapse. It was just difficult to achieve what we wanted so we had pull out and go defensive.”


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Coming home to celebrate my mom’s birthday (a little late) and see a show that Delaney has the lead in,Kris will also be home…can’t wait!

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I fell off the jungle gym and bumped my head…ouch…then a few days later- couldn’t even tell!

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