Are you reading WICKED?

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Join in, bring your dictionary(I needed it) and enjoy the story of Elphba- I think you will enjoy this.
Kris- started
Anyone else?
There is still time….

We are looking at reading “Three cups of Tea” for the next book.
In 1993 Mortenson was descending from his failed attempt to reach the peak of K2. Exhausted and disoriented, he wandered away from his group into the most desolate reaches of northern Pakistan. Alone, without food, water, or shelter he stumbled into an impoverished Pakistani village where he was nursed back to health.
While recovering he observed the village


  1. Erin said:

    Oh yeah, and Hanna and Walter: A Love Story is only 156 pages.

    March 24, 2009
  2. Erin said:

    I am so excited! I just ordered Three Cups of Tea along with a few others… many from the Amazon sellers where you can get used books cheap.

    1. Marley & Me – hardcover – new – $3.49
    2. Secret Life of Bees – hardcover – like new – $3.28
    3. Hanna and Walter: A Love Story – hardcover signed by authors – $5.95

    I’m also a dork and decided to order the hard covers of PS, I Love You because it was so cheap so if people want to circulate my paperback copy around the fam, let me know and I will mail it to the next reader.

    Also, I thought I would put a little excerpt from Hanna and Walter for those who may be interested… this would make an excellent book club read for the future and I would read this one again…

    One of the happiest of the few happy endings the Holocaust allowed. Their extraordinary story [is told] in alternating first-person chapters that create suspense grim authenticity and impact. -Los Angeles Times "This incredible true-life story is simply but compellingly written and so intriguing it has to be read in one sitting." -Booklist Hanna Bloch and Walter Kohner met in a small Czech town in 1935. She was fifteen, a romantic who planned to move to the big city. He was twenty and dreamed of being an actor. They ice skated; they danced; they hiked in the mountains; they fell in love. The political climate was rapidly changing and they had heard stories about the Nazis, but Hanna and Walter believed that Czechoslovakia was safe. They didn’t realize just how invasive the Nazi command could be or how deeply it would change their lives. Eventually they fled. Walter immigrated to the United States and joined the U.S. military. Initially, Hanna worked in Amsterdam, but she was later rounded up by the Nazis and shuffled to four different concentration camps. Hanna and Walter not only preserves one couple’s memories, but also delivers a powerful personal account of the Holocaust and its atrocities. And it serves as testament that love can prevail over seemingly impossible odds.

    March 24, 2009
  3. Erin said:

    I love that we are doing this and have had so much fun discussing it with Lala (so far – can’t wait for others to discuss). I am almost done with the sequel, Son of a Witch, which is also pretty good although Wicked is better in my opinion.

    I like the idea of the next book so I think it will be a good second book for our family club. And Beth, it’s okay that you already read it… you just confirmed that it is a good one so that is enough for me to say I second the motion on our next book… I need to go find it.

    While Lala was here, we all had a small group discussion about books and we thought we should also share some of our other favorite reads with each other too, even if they are not chosen for the club. That way others can decide if they want to read them in the future. Some of my recent good book choices include:

    1. P.S. I Love You
    2. Eat, Pray, Love (I think many have ready this one)
    3. The Hitchikers Guide
    4. Hannah & Walter – this one is a very short read that I had to read for college and I fell in love with it. It’s a love story about a couple during the Holocaust. I need to find another copy because I loaned it out way back and never got it back.

    March 24, 2009
  4. Beth said:

    Beth – started (although only a few chapters in)

    On another note, I’m way ahead of schedule for the next book, I’ve already read it!! Last Christmas my company in DC made this one of our Christmas charities… the owner bought 10 copies to pass amongst the staff, so I read it and donated. Good book.

    March 23, 2009

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