Ann Lunds Crock Pot Cooking…

These are the recipes from the new class. The dip & salad are not made in a crock pot but this whole meal was excellent. I thought the onion pudding was going to be something I did not like- it was wonderful! I will be taking a class on salads June 6 with Ann. These are things I learned:

  • Never put an onion in the refrigerator- it makes it bitter, leave it on the counter
  • Rinse pasta in HOT water (not cold)  to wash the starch off- then sauce will stick
  • It is not necessary to cook pasta in SALT water
  • When an avocado is ripe- put it in the refrigerator to stop the ripening process
  • Never put cheese in plastic- it makes it spoil, wrap in wax paper
  • Block cheese is all cheese, pre shredded cheese is filled with additives- shred your own (also cheeper)

This classes are so good- Ann is knowledgeable and funny, the food is great and it is intimate (12 people) and enjoyable. I am signed up for 3 more.

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