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I saw this on Dateline about a year and a half ago- it was very touching.Ginny Kelley is a 44 year old mother of 3 adopted daughters. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and told she has 6 months to live. To give her daughters hope and comfort she wrote the book & song called “Angel Kisses”. The first time I read and heard this it made me weep.

“I finally understood that I’m not leaving at all, I’m going to Heaven to answer God’s call. You see, God’s got a big job for me to do, I’m going to be an angel to watch over you.”

I tried to follow how she was doing and found this this weekend- “After battling her most recent bout with cancer for more than three years, Ginny died early Saturday morning. She was 46. Ginny became a locally and nationally known figure about two years ago when she published her book, “Angel Kisses.”

Faced with the possibility of her own death from breast cancer that had spread to her bones, liver and lungs, Ginny wrote the book as a message to her three adopted daughters to bring them immediate comfort after her death. Ginny’s sister and brother-in-law, Katie and Dave Dorn, will care for Ginny’s three girls. The Dorns, who have four children of their own, built an addition onto their Minnetonka home to accommodate the seven children.

This makes you stop and think and thank God for what you have.

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