Always a catch…

Well it seems when I renewd to higher MB- it does not include domain name and they want more for it so- I went back to the original plan which is only 65 MB. After a conversation with Erin I think I can free up a lot of space by reducing picture size at the FTP site. I’ll work on that this weekend. Sorry but when it gets into the 200.00 dollar range for a hobby we have to draw the line somewhere.


  1. La said:

    People/companies baffle me- upgrade-spend more money and yes I get more space but a service you offer the cheapest rate free now I have to pay for???? Imagine my surprise when they came back and said ok you can have the upgrade and we’ll throw in the domain name free (I told them to go back to the orginal plan)Does this make sense or should I feel like I’m getting screwed? Kinda like Linda’s truck- we did routine maintenance and replace a "major"belt on the truck then the pulley went and now the air conditioner (none where bad when we started)didthe company do something or is it just coincidence? HUM??? Thanks to all who chip in!

    July 10, 2003
  2. Erin said:

    I will send money to contribute as well… it will just have to wait until I have a little extra to spare. AND YES, the rotating pics are way cool!

    July 10, 2003
  3. Kim said:

    I love the rotating pics on the right column… cool feature and I meant to offer you money towards the web site when you were here. I will send a check to contribute.

    July 10, 2003

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