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I’ve taken my jewelry business to the next level and I’m at our local antique and collectible show. I happen to know tje right people so I was offered a free booth… I jumped on it. We got some pop-up tables and some tablecloths, I upped my inventory, and got my banner and biz cards ordered so that I appear official. And to my surprise, Mixhaels craft stores carried the jewelry display boards for cheap so I got a bunch of those. I also found that a revolving shoe rack makes a pretty great pendant display! Now, if only it would stop raining and warm up a tiny bit (50 degrees and I’m outside in a tent)… wish me luck!!! I’ve got a wedding/honeymoon to pay for!

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  1. Sue said:

    Hey Erin- best of luck in this! Wow, takes spunk and ambition! You go girl!

    November 6, 2010

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