After One Year… Our House Updates

We have officially been in our house for one year (as of July 23), and it’s amazing how much we’ve gotten done AND how much still needs to be done. It is pretty cool to look through the list of things we’ve done so far though (these are almost in order of when they were done)… I thought maybe the family would like to see some of the updates as they have progressed. You can mouse-over the link and it should show a little FlickR picture without having to click on it:

  1. Scraped popcorn, patched, and painted all ceilings (except foyer).
  2. Painted master bedroom. (BEFORE | AFTER)
  3. Painted the guestroom (BEFORE | AFTER).
  4. Had new carpet installed in master bedroom & guest room.
  5. Bought and installed new water heater.
  6. Replaced leaky faucet in kitchen and replaced garbage disposal.
  7. Bought new appliances… Stainless steel fridge, stove and above-range microwave.
  8. David and my dad pulled down and re-drywalled kitchen ceiling.
  9. Painted living room (BEFORE | AFTER)
  10. Painted the kitchen (still need to paint some trim in kitchen). Kitchen still needs lot of work. (BEFORE | AFTER)
  11. Removed nasty carpet from living room and installed floating wood floor in living room (still needs step and trim).
  12. Painted my design studio (completed with trim).
  13. Created a venetian plaster look in master bathroom and painted (BEFORE | AFTER | ANOTHER). We still need to stain the cabinets in here and do a little more work.
  14. Painted 1/2 bath downstairs and installed beadboard (still needs chair rail added). Also patched wall where David found the evil “M” word. We built up the floorboards too which we plan to do in entire downstairs and installed a new Kohler toilet. (BEFORE | AFTER)
  15. Stained cabinets darker brown in downstairs bathroom and guest bathroom, and added knobs.
  16. Paid $1300 to have the pipes in front of the house dug up because of a pluming issue causing backups.
  17. Painted guest bathroom and installed bronze curtain rod and light fixtures (BEFORE | AFTER).
  18. Installed new light fixtures in almost every room of the house (still waiting for new chandelier to be hung).
  19. Painted David’s office (still needs ceiling done).
  20. Cut down large mirror in master bathroom and framed pieces with big wood frames from Re-store ($15 a piece). Stained two dark brown for upstairs and painted one for downstairs bathroom.
  21. Painted all 22 shutters on the house (BEFORE | AFTER). Someday maybe we can paint all the trim outside white.
  22. Removed off-center house numbers and added new vinyl ones to outside of door which we painted black to match the shutters. Also installed a door knocker and a telephoto peep hole (it’s big enough to see from 7 feet away).
  23. Paid to have someone paint foyer and trim work (now we need to tackle stairs). (BEFORE | AFTER)
  24. Cleared the backyard, and cleared some more… and then more until you could see the fence (BEFORE | AFTER).
  25. Cut down the two, huge and overgrown trees that were on each side of the garage (BEFORE | AFTER). I think we cut down quite a few smaller out-of-place trees as well. I would love to do the green thing and replant trees for those we took out, but I have no where to put them. I wonder if it counts if you plant bushes instead…
  26. Landscaped some that all died this last month… eh carumba! Stupid hot, dry-spell weather. I suck at this part of owning a house and may have to get help. My gardens look pitiful.
  27. Planted two square-foot gardens that give us luscious veggies.
  28. Replaced HVAC with super efficient air-conditioning and hybrid furnace (BEFORE | AFTER).
  29. Painted dining room and trim (BEFORE | AFTER – pic was before we put everything back together).

That’s it for now, although I’m sure that I’m forgetting lots. I will add to this list if I remember more.

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  1. klds said:

    I feel your pain and have traveled this same road- but what a sense of accomplishment! It looks good and is coming together.

    August 4, 2009

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