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Our school participates in the Tab Top program which was started in 1987 in South St. Paul, Minnesota by a group of 30 families from VFW Post #295. They initially presented the local Ronald McDonald House with a check for $120.00, and more than 15 years later the program has raised several million dollars.

Why tab tops? They are easily removed from the can and allow for any individual or community group to participate. Tabs are much smaller and cleaner than cans, enabling the House to handle the large volume that it receives. Besides, the Tab Top Program is unique to the Ronald McDonald House.

Many schools have become involved in the program as service projects or as a learning tool in the classroom. The program teaches Math concepts, recycling and environmental lessons.

Once the tab tops are at the Ronald McDonald House they are put into large French fry boxes and ready for the McDonald’s supplier truck to pick them up and take to be sold at a scrap metal company.

FYI: The tab top was invented by Mr. Ermal Fraze. The ring pull can was invented in 1962.

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  1. La said:

    He came to 4 and 5th grade- they were still excited! The kid in us never dies.

    May 4, 2009

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