A NC treat…

NCgang (112k image)

The gang from NC would like to share some of their beauty secrets…to help us stay thin…

2 Melissa’s Ready to use 9 Inch Crepes (can be found at most Harris Teeter stores)
1 Jell-o Sugar free Pudding snack in Chocolate/Vanilla
1/2 Cup Cool Whip Free
Berries (optional) or sugar free Chocolate syrup (optional)

Cut each crepe in half.
Mix pudding and cool whip until blended and put 1/4 of the mixture in each crepe half.
Fold crepes like an envelope so that no mixture is coming out and freeze for 1 hr
***can eat directly out of the freezer but, try this….
Spray skillet w non-stick cooking spray and place over medium heat
Put crepes on their thinner side down for 1 minute and then CAREFULLY turn onto other side for 1-2 minutes
The crepe should be slightly brown and toasty on the outside but will remain cool and creamy on the inside
Top with Berries or syrup as desired
***** each chocolate-y crepe is only 55 calories and 1 gram of fat!!!!!!!


  1. bailey said:

    LOVE THE PICTURE!!! Love you three more than you know. Thanks for the call tonight Kris meant alot! And glad that you got to say Hi to Karen from cell to phone……guess you had to be here with two phones in my hands and two sisters say HI! Too funny….thanks!

    February 19, 2007
  2. Kay said:

    The crapes sound delicious, but I have to say I laughed harder at the picture because as you move from Darian to Kris to Mattie the tongues get fatter and bigger!! Nice job Mattie- way to show tongue!

    February 19, 2007
  3. La said:

    I hear tongue exercised help get rid of wrinkles…this looks really yummy- keep sharing!

    February 19, 2007

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