A lot of good news…and a little not so good

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* Nick got into the I.B.E.W (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers). They had 12 or so applicants and took in 6 or 7 and he made it! He was accepted in last week and we are very proud of him.
* Beth is moving next weekend.
* Kim got her cap and gown Friday… yep its really gonna happen!
* Nana has a bladder infection and feels yucky
* Kay has a viral infection and feels yucky
* David got a new job, pay raise and opportunity to travel…a lot
* No new news on Linda’s sister- several new test this upcoming week
* Kelly got mom a dozen beautiful roses and proceeds are going to diabetes research for Mothers Day
* Kenny and Sue are getting a new car
* Kelsie thanked Nana for bringing her brother home to her (cute)
* Kris got a new toy- you’ll have to call to find out (makes Lala jealous)

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  1. Erin said:

    WOW! Congrats Nick! What an awesome accomplishment! You make us proud! And for everyone that is sick, please get better… David and I have been battling severe allergies or a cold (we are not sure which). And I can’t wait for mom to graduate (I’ll be there) and for Beth to move (I’ll be on the receiving end of that). And so many prayers are still going to Lala, Linda, and Linda’s sister. Nice gift Kelly! WOW! Roses are always a girl’s best friend! Especially when the proceeds go to something that is so needed as diabetes research. Kenny/Sue… wow on the car news! VEry nice! And what’s the new toy Kris got? We just got a GPS unit for David’s travels to take with him and for me to not get lost!!! It went on sale this week, so it pays to wait! Saved $50! Hope everyone is good and sorry if I missed commenting on something… there was a lot!

    May 14, 2007
  2. Bailey said:

    What a good looking man! Nick I am soooooo proud of you. You struggle but finding your way.

    And yes Nana tried to blame her infection on me "NOT" but glad you are enjoying your roses and hoped they bloomed as beautiful as you! And that the cause "ADA" American Diabetes Association" soon finds a cure! For many a people in my life.

    Basie Boo best of luck to you and surely will miss you!

    Karen and Linda many prayers still you way…..

    Just home from the longest week I’ve had in a very long time….my only day off of the week is now and going to bed and getting up when I do or to bring a child to work.

    Happy Mothers Day to all our Mothers…..and most of all to mine. I love you.

    May 12, 2007

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