A Journal Prayer

Let my words be strong as steel, but soft as down.
Let my ideas soar through the universe, but alight softly in the hearts of others.
Let my life move through the world’s meaning, but let reality rest in motion.
Let each hour spent with blank space, fill up the lines with answers.
Let my dreams be listed by a rhythm, but let them be cast in the world’s light.
Let my pen live a new life with each day, but speak the accuracy of an arrow.
Let page after page fill with meaning and joy, but stir the soul to action.
Let this journal set my record straight, but allow for my frail, confused humanity.

– Dennis J. Cleary

This is for Lala’s journal. She started using one to capture her own creativity and I think it is so cool. I started one last year, but lost track after about a week, but inside was this prayer that I had found somewhere along the way. Now I am inspired to try to jounal again, thanks to our Lala! ENJOY LA and let your pen and creativity take flight!

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  1. La said:

    I was thinking of this last night- I took the picture I was going to put with it and placed it in my kitchen- will have to make a new one. I wish I had more time to do this stuff because like Erins scrapbooking, or card making or Kays curtain making for her little one’s room, or Kim’s mod pod she did, or Matty’s painting- we all have creative powers and we need to express them- even if we only have a few moments a day- I try to take pictures every couple days- for just a few moments- these are moments just for me (and when I’m dead maybe someone else will enjoy them!)
    Thanmk you Erin for the poem.

    May 10, 2004

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