A Few Halloweenie Decorations That Won’t Break the Bank

I know Halloween is tomorrow, but people have been asking about the decorations for this year’s Halloween and I thought I would post a few low cost ideas I used this year. Some are Martha ideas and I have included the links.

The bats I have done in previous years, but the idea was renewed when I saw the idea in Martha’s magazine. I used her template (you can find here) and cut them out of black cardstock, then tied fishing line to them. I tied the other end to paper clips and then hung them in places around the house, like in the doorway shown, above my kitchen sink, and on the lights near the bathroom and in the living room. They are just so cute and wave a little in the breeze.

And these curtains are one of my favs and really set the scene… we also put two in David’s office. Again, these were a Target buy a few years back that I got for 50%… I don’t pay full price for anything because you can find almost everything the day after Halloween at 50% off or you can use a coupon! BUT AGAIN, YOU CAN MAKE THESE SO EASY! I have two options for you… one is a Martha Stewart idea using black garbage bags… yes, GARBAGE BAGS (go here)! You can cut them open or leave them as is for a double layer and just cut strips into them… then pull them and you get interesting, scraggly shapes that mimic these curtains. OR, if you are a sewer (and you really don’t even have to be) you can get black fabric, cut a starting point and then rip up so you get the shreds. You can even use a stapler to make the seam to slide onto your rod (no need to be fancy). You can also go the cheesecloth route which look like spiderwebs or just old ratty fabric, which my mom did (go here for Martha tutorial). Martha even has some made out of black paper/cardstock (go here) and crepe paper (go here)! Seriously, get creative and don’t spend a lot of money. I only got these because they were cheap after the season.

And my monsters on the wall were a bigger hit than I even could have imagined. I have three frames that hang in my dining room with tomato prints (usually)… I decided to cover those up with some monster prints in black and white. I found Frankenstein, Dracula, and a Werewolf online, turned them black and white, and printed them on cardstock to hang in the frames. You can go download them in my FlickR.

I have many more ideas posted on my website, including using bedsheets for tablecloths and furniture covers, buying and tearing cheesecloth and more, so if you are interested go check them out

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